Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rest day

Ended up with a rest day - on top of my daughter's party (which she had a blast at), the day just sort of hit me that my baby isn't so much of a baby any more and I wasn't in the space to workout.

But on the plus side, I also won a free $25 credit towards a Muffins to Marathons virtual race which just like...made my night last night. I -love- their medals and have always watched their neat different challenges, but we have to budget my races SO carefully that I hadn't been able to fit one in yet. With the credit I was able to opt for the Mother Knows Best 10K and that just appropriate considering how emotional I am over being a Mom today. Thank you M2M - you made this running mama's night last night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cross training!

Didn't run today because apparently, my brain is slow. I hate running at night by myself - and my husband is -off- tomorrow. So tonight I hit the gym to cross train and tomorrow I'll get my 5-6 miler in.

Not much to say about the elliptical, but I am so glad it was only a half hour tonight. Between grunting guy (seriously, who grunts like they're bench pressing 300lbs... while on the ELLIPTICAL? He was SO loud and he was across the room - so glad he wasn't near me) and please-kid (Mom: No. Kid: Please? Mom: No. Kid: Please? Repeat LITERALLY 13 times...felt bad for the mom, and for everyone who had to listen to this kid...he was 12, not 4!), I spent most of the workout irritated and for the first time was happy when my workout was over.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running in the rain

Well, in the past week, I've had my very first run in the snow (fun!), my very first run in the mud (wow, hard work!) and my very first run in the pouring rain (not so fun). So glad it was only a short run tonight, timing worked out that I had to run outside despite the fact that it was pouring. It was supposed to be a tempo run but since I was running laps around my neighborhood I decided to .5 mile intervals, running them at ~10 minute miles. (Slow for some folks...pretty fast for me.)

The first interval went pretty well, .5 took me 5:12. I then recovery-walked for .14 miles, and the next .5 took me 4:59 (awesome!). .14 miles for recovery and then just bonked. By that point I was soaked completely, it was hard to see because of the rain, and I was splashing gigantic puddles; I couldn't do another .5, so I did .25. Timing went okay, did it in 2:45, so a little slower than I wanted, but I apparently lost a bunch of time in my walk breaks - I walked one more .14 and finished the run. My first mile went out at 11:10, which was about where I was hoping to do my second mile going into tonight's run, but my second mile came out at 12:40. I'm not really sure what happened, because this should have been challenging but doable, and that second mile was just...sub par. I really think it was the rain, I felt heavy and hindered. I still came out at an 11:50 average, which isn't horrible, but I did a 5 miler last week with that average - for speedwork I should have been faster. Hopefully next week's speedwork goes better.

Lessons learned from running in the rain:

1) If you have to carry your phone, do it in a ziplock baggy. (Oops. Luckily my phone is fine, but the rain was heavy enough that my water resistant jacket just couldn't cope.)

2) Examine your clothing for any holes. I didn't notice one until I got undressed afterwards - the wet fabric chafed through the hole in my pants so badly I have a patch of raw skin on my inner thigh. Fun.

3) Not a great opportunity for speedwork - I would have enjoyed this run so much more if I'd slowed down and used it as a short recovery run. Lesson duly noted.

Looking forward to tomorrow's run - I had planned 5-6 but just realized since my daughter is off of school and I'll be on the treadmill I may have to use tomorrow for a 4 miler, as I never manage to log many miles on it. Oh well!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tough runs and dilemmas

The past two weeks have been frustrating. 2 weeks ago I ran my first half marathon - I tapered the week after for recovering, doing a few miles a day on the elliptical to help my muscles clear themselves out, and a short two mile recovery run.

Unfortunately, I managed to hurt myself on that two mile run (yes...really). tying my shoelaces too tight.

-awkward pause for laughter-

 Lace bite is real, it sucks, it hurts, and it makes you feel quite stupid. I never knew I could hurt the tendon on my foot by tying my shoelaces snugly, but I learned, and I took a week off to let the foot heal (it even hurt to walk...nice, right?)

The following week I didn't run until Wednesday because of that foot, but but the run I had was phenomenal - a 5 mile tempo run, and the fastest 5 miler I've ever logged. It was awesome! ...and until today, it was the last time I've run. I was supposed to run Friday, and couldn't. I was supposed to run Saturday, and my husband worked instead. I couldn't run Sunday, because my friend was over all day.

I should have done a 10miler that weekend and a 4-5miler on Friday. My weekly mileage should have been 20ish...instead, it was FIVE. Ugh.

On top of being antsy because I missed running, I was afraid after two weeks of low volume the mileage based I'd built would have  been voided and I'd have to rebuild. Fortunately I was told that's not the case, so this week my running schedule is as planned:

Mon - 5 miler - done
Tuesday - 2 mile tempo run OR speedwork intervals (depends if I am able to get outside or have to use the treadmill)
Wednesday - 5-6
Thursday - cross train
Friday - 4
Saturday - 8-9
Sunday - rest

Today's run was rough though. I did it and I'm glad I did, but I felt at times like it was sucking the life out of me; I was so tired and didn't want to go out to run today, but I knew running would make me feel better. The weather has been weird so instead of 10 degrees and frozen/snowy, it was randomly 50 and MUDDY. That I've never run in the mud - it was like running on glue, it didn't want to let my feet go. At all. And I got filthy. Which was kind of fun, but when I picked my daughter up from school afterwards she scolded me for getting muddy ;D

But on top of the low volume, having a hard run today sucked. It makes me doubt whether I should be running a marathon this year. I know I've read to build a mileage base for 1-2 years before training...I'll have been runnin about a year when I start training. But if 5 milers are still rough I really have 26.2 in me?

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello, sweetie. 

Whoops, that's not how I meant to start this. Let's try that again, channeling a little less River.

Hi...I'm Heather, and this is my blog.

(I'm sure those are both shocking tidbits.)

I began running August 2012 when I started the Couch to 5K program. It was hard and it was hot and I hated it at first, but at some point, I began to love running. I ran my first 10K in October, my first 10miler in November, and my first half marathon in January '13. (For more details on that, you can read my story that I wrote as a post on the myfitnesspal forums: )

And now...I'm eyeing a marathon. (I'm sure, given the title and url of this blog, that this is also a shocking tidbit. Clearly, this will be a very titillating blog.) I'm currently perusing a few different ones, trying to decide which one to target and when, and whether I'll run it for charity or not - but some day, I'll be that girl who ran a marathon.

Probably slowly.

But still.