Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cross training!

Didn't run today because apparently, my brain is slow. I hate running at night by myself - and my husband is -off- tomorrow. So tonight I hit the gym to cross train and tomorrow I'll get my 5-6 miler in.

Not much to say about the elliptical, but I am so glad it was only a half hour tonight. Between grunting guy (seriously, who grunts like they're bench pressing 300lbs... while on the ELLIPTICAL? He was SO loud and he was across the room - so glad he wasn't near me) and please-kid (Mom: No. Kid: Please? Mom: No. Kid: Please? Repeat LITERALLY 13 times...felt bad for the mom, and for everyone who had to listen to this kid...he was 12, not 4!), I spent most of the workout irritated and for the first time was happy when my workout was over.


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