Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello, sweetie. 

Whoops, that's not how I meant to start this. Let's try that again, channeling a little less River.

Hi...I'm Heather, and this is my blog.

(I'm sure those are both shocking tidbits.)

I began running August 2012 when I started the Couch to 5K program. It was hard and it was hot and I hated it at first, but at some point, I began to love running. I ran my first 10K in October, my first 10miler in November, and my first half marathon in January '13. (For more details on that, you can read my story that I wrote as a post on the myfitnesspal forums: )

And now...I'm eyeing a marathon. (I'm sure, given the title and url of this blog, that this is also a shocking tidbit. Clearly, this will be a very titillating blog.) I'm currently perusing a few different ones, trying to decide which one to target and when, and whether I'll run it for charity or not - but some day, I'll be that girl who ran a marathon.

Probably slowly.

But still.

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