Monday, January 28, 2013

Tough runs and dilemmas

The past two weeks have been frustrating. 2 weeks ago I ran my first half marathon - I tapered the week after for recovering, doing a few miles a day on the elliptical to help my muscles clear themselves out, and a short two mile recovery run.

Unfortunately, I managed to hurt myself on that two mile run (yes...really). tying my shoelaces too tight.

-awkward pause for laughter-

 Lace bite is real, it sucks, it hurts, and it makes you feel quite stupid. I never knew I could hurt the tendon on my foot by tying my shoelaces snugly, but I learned, and I took a week off to let the foot heal (it even hurt to walk...nice, right?)

The following week I didn't run until Wednesday because of that foot, but but the run I had was phenomenal - a 5 mile tempo run, and the fastest 5 miler I've ever logged. It was awesome! ...and until today, it was the last time I've run. I was supposed to run Friday, and couldn't. I was supposed to run Saturday, and my husband worked instead. I couldn't run Sunday, because my friend was over all day.

I should have done a 10miler that weekend and a 4-5miler on Friday. My weekly mileage should have been 20ish...instead, it was FIVE. Ugh.

On top of being antsy because I missed running, I was afraid after two weeks of low volume the mileage based I'd built would have  been voided and I'd have to rebuild. Fortunately I was told that's not the case, so this week my running schedule is as planned:

Mon - 5 miler - done
Tuesday - 2 mile tempo run OR speedwork intervals (depends if I am able to get outside or have to use the treadmill)
Wednesday - 5-6
Thursday - cross train
Friday - 4
Saturday - 8-9
Sunday - rest

Today's run was rough though. I did it and I'm glad I did, but I felt at times like it was sucking the life out of me; I was so tired and didn't want to go out to run today, but I knew running would make me feel better. The weather has been weird so instead of 10 degrees and frozen/snowy, it was randomly 50 and MUDDY. That I've never run in the mud - it was like running on glue, it didn't want to let my feet go. At all. And I got filthy. Which was kind of fun, but when I picked my daughter up from school afterwards she scolded me for getting muddy ;D

But on top of the low volume, having a hard run today sucked. It makes me doubt whether I should be running a marathon this year. I know I've read to build a mileage base for 1-2 years before training...I'll have been runnin about a year when I start training. But if 5 milers are still rough I really have 26.2 in me?

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