Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby news and boring runs

First, baby news! We had our ultrasound yesterday to both date the pregnancy and confirm it's viable. The baby measured 6 weeks 2 days gestation, which means I managed to test and get a positive on the early side. I'll take it! I saw the heartbeat, which was just...incredible. (Although the tech scared me to death - she first did an abdominal and pointed out the gestational sac, and said it could just be really early...heartbroken, I asked her if that meant no heartbeat, and she said only the internal would show the heartbeat this early. When she saw it right away on the internal it was a HUGE relief!)

After some quick math when we got home, we realized that that put the date of conception to be...the Chicago Polar Dash, my first half marathon, last month. Hahahahahah. We stayed in a hotel for the race since it was downtown and a pain to get to otherwise, and I guess we were...opportunistic 0:-) We're nicknaming the baby Marathon until we find out the sex, hahah.

Interestingly, this date for the pregnancy also means I haven't managed many long long runs with Marathon on board. So, that could lend credence to me finding running harder right now, because I know I've been struggling and figured it was just a bit of slowdown after my half. Could it be more? I guess I'll find out as the pregnancy progresses.

I really should have run on Monday, but I was tired and anxious; today I was finally zen enough, after seeing the heartbeat, to get a good run in today. I wanted 5 and I got them in, but the paths I usually run are still full of solid ice slicks a couple inches deep that are impossible to run on because the temps keep bouncing between slightly above freezing and slightly below, so it keeps melting slightly and reforming. Ick. So instead of my normal 2.5 mile out and then 2.5 mile back path, I ran little circles around my subdivision, in an out of different cul de sacs.

The pros -

1) No traffic in the morning, so I wasn't dodging cars like I would have been if I'd run my normal path on the streets instead of sidewalk
2) Different area so not quite as boring as laps around my house
3) Ran the whole time again! Which has me wondering if I should try to focus on extending that ability for a while. I focused on Gallowalking because I was very very injury prone...but that was 40lbs ago. Literally. My body is healthier and stronger than it has ever been..maybe I'm ready for the stresses of solid running? Then again, I'm pregnant...maybe I shouldn't be instituting this kind of change now when I've been running like this for 8 months?

The con -

1) SO. BORING! I'm so bad at getting it down if there isn't a half way point where I'm committed to finishing the run. Maybe that makes me a bad runner, but unless I'm running with someone keeping the attention span I need otherwise is so hard when I'm just trying to fill in distance. If I'm running up and down this street and that street just to fill in the miles, I'm so much more likely to quit the run earlier than I want. I was always like this for walks too and it drove my husband nuts - without a destination I get bored. I love running and I still get bored. It's filler and feels unproductive, even though I -know- it's all in my head. Ugh. I wish I could get over this mental hurdle because it was so much easier to run here without the ice.

Unfortunately, lied. When I checked, it said 33, felt like 25. So I dressed in my wool base layer, running pants, long sleeve tech shirt, and threw on my thick polar dash fleece. Unfortunately, it was actually 41 according to my car and that's a big difference - I was sweating the whole time! Wish I'd grabbed a lighter jacket. Oh well! The plan for this week:

Monday: Rest/recover from Cupid
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 2-3 miles (tempo or easy - I'm not going to do any more speed interval training while pregnant)
Friday: 5 miles
Sat/Sun: Long run 8-9 miles OR run 6 miles with no walk breaks. I'm open to thoughts here, I'm torn. I don't actually know that I'm less injury prone now than I was, and I'm now pregnant. But, I've now run 5 miles without stopping multiple times and been fine...


  1. Congrats! That first ultrasound is the best, knowing you really have someone growing in there :) See how you feel on the weekend run, if it is good go for it if you need to walk then walk. Now is the time to listen to your body. I found the first trimester much tougher then running in the 2nd.

    1. Thank you! It really, really is. It made it real and I'm incredibly grateful.

      I've heard that from a few runners who ran while pregnant and that gives me a lot of hope - I'm so tired right now and my head tells me that it should be easier now while Marathon is smaller, but my body just feels SO tired.

  2. Sometimes I run in my development and even though it is convenient it is SO SO SO boring!

    Baby Marathon- I like it :)

    1. It is convenient but it is just so dull! My brain hates me when I do it. Lol!

      Thank you! :) We kind of cracked up over it - the official explanation is because I can't run the Des Plaines River Trails Marathon this year like I'd planned, as I'm going to do a different kind of "marathon" instead...which is reasonable, but not all of it. Lol :)

  3. Yay for Marathon's HB!!! :)

    Ugh, I hear you on the boredom of culdasec running. That is me most days of the week. And still jumping all over ice patches.

    Galloway is a smart method! No harm in still doing it! :)

    1. Best part of my day, hands down! :)

      I didn't even mention it but I totally did a lot of that too! I think that's part of why my pace was slower than I expected, but hey, I got it done!

      I know it is and I don't regret that that's how I got started. Part of me feels like I'm so much stronger now and it's hard not to react to some of the ... more serious, I guess? ... runners on forums who really slam Galloway and runners who use that method. It's not like I'll ever be an age-group winner anyway so I mostly try not to internalize it, but as a slow runner it can be hard sometimes no matter how much you know you're running for YOU and no one else. Plus, now I'm curious if I -CAN- do it because I've done it this way for so long!

  4. I'm new to your blog, kilax recommended it on her FB page last week. Glad to be getting to know you! I am also new to blogging!!

    Congrats on "marathon", love that nickname!!

    I too run the same route most days of the week. I typically run with my dog, he's very shy and skittish, so we stick with what he knows. One or two days a week, I try to go by myself to keep my sanity of boring runs!

    1. Welcome!! And welcome to blogging, it's fun! -adds your blog-

      Thank you! :D

      Aww, but running with a dog sounds fun! I've always wanted to do that, I'd love a dog.