Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hard runs SUCK, sort of

So, I've run two days in a row before, but usually a longer day followed by a shorter day. Today I ran after having run 5 yesterday so it was the first day I flipped that order...and man, it was hard. It was 10 degrees warmer (10F instead of below zero, haha) but my legs were so tired. I had planned 8-10 and a long slow run, about 13ish minute miles - and well, let's just say, this run was U-G-L-Y ugly.

I got to run with my husband, which is why I ended up running a long run without doing a rest day beforehand - I get to do it so rarely that even though I'd planned to run Sunday, I couldn't pass the opportunity up. (Babygirl played with her Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle, and we ran around their neighborhood.) Well, let's just say I clocked my first mile at about 13:40...and they were pretty much all around there. (Except mile 3, which was my first GU stop - my GU chomps were pretty much frozen, so my walk break to eat them took forever and we clocked a 14:45...ouch! The sports beans work much better on cold days, apparently.)

Throughout the run, I knew my legs were tired. I couldn't seem to warm up all the way, so I think it was a combo of no rest, my first long run since the Polar HM 3 weeks ago, and how cold it was. I was much slower than normal - I told my husband it would be a slow one and he said that was fine, but we both know that even though I slowed down I was obviously pushing it. (Not in the sense that I was risking injury, just that my legs were very fatigued.) At mile 4 we started talking about it being a 5 mile run instead of the 8-10 I had planned, but I was afraid to lose another weekend without a long run and have next weekend be even harder to get back in the groove. He teased me and cajoled to keep me going, saying he knew that even though I was talking about 5 I'd do 8.

Well, mile 5 and 6 hit, clocking around 13:20 a piece; somewhere in there I did my second food break, sports beans that time and it went much better - they warmed up easier than the chomps I guess! But I was really fatigued and we decided to cut it short and end it at 7. I told him I didn't like it, because the minimum I wanted to accomplish was 8, but I was legs were already feeling a little sore. Distance ended up working out that we didn't at 7, but at we crossed 7, I told him I was really thinking about finishing it up and going to 8. He said he wasn't, that mentally, he was done, but I was still thinking about it. There was only one run I'd ever cut short - I've even finished running after tripping and smacking up my knees - and cutting this one short because I was tired just felt /weird/. When we hit his parent's house, he looked at me and said, "You're going to 8, aren't you?"

And I was. He headed inside (no cooldown walk for him, but this was barely jogging for him - his natural slow pace is about a 10, haha) and I slogged off in the snow and slush to finish off the last 2/3 of a mile. That actually ended up being my fastest mile at a speedy 13 (*eyeroll*).

This run was cold, it was hard, it was ugly, and it was challenging even beyond the cold with all the snow and slush on the ground making footing more work than normal. If my husband hadn't been there I don't know that I would have gotten to 7, much less the 8 I wanted at a minimum, and I'm grateful for his presence. I'm not sorry I ran today even though it was hard and it was slow, it was a challenge in a way I don't usually challenge myself and I do want to do some bigger back to back runs going forward. And yeah, I didn't get out the 10 I really had hoped for (even though I wrote 8-10) - but I knew that was optimistic since this would be my longest run in 3 weeks. I'm still proud of finishing this run.

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