Friday, February 8, 2013

I said 5K, didn't I? Didn't I?

...okay, no, I said 5 miles. But I again underestimated how hard running in the snow would be; I thought it would be easier than last night if I just yanno...stayed out of the 6-inch-deep stuff.

And it was. But I was still running on really uneven terrain, varying from clear to slush to puddles to ice to 2-3 inches and it wasn't totally possible to avoid the 6 inches patches either. I'm a little disappointed that I pooped out after 5K, but running at 12:40 wasn't conversational today - it made that much of a difference. So, I cut it short because I was just totally, completely done.

This does make me a little nervous for the 10K on Sunday - I've been looking forward to it for so so long. I was really thinking I'd PR because I haven't run a 10K since October and since then I've run multiple halfs and a 10miler, plus many longer runs...but if the terrain is this rough, I might not anymore. Which is a bummer, but this race will still be a blast - aid station one is CHOCOLATE. Chocolate!

Yes, I'll run for chocolate. Won't you?


  1. The winter terrain is excellent at slowing us down and cutting our runs short! Hopefully the roads are clearer on Saturday... but it not, I hope you still have fun :)

  2. This is my first year running outside in winter and wow, it keeps catching me off guard! I feel like such a wimp, haha.

    I will! I really can't wait. I wish I'd found someone, ANYONE to run with me, but I couldn't manage to cajole anyone. It'll still be a freaking blast though. And it's got medals for everyone who finishes, so it's a double win. Haha!