Saturday, February 9, 2013

Packet Pickup and Maternity running clothes

Today's a rest day, so not too much exciting, but there are a couple things I'm going to rant about anyway. (Forewarned - I'm not negative, but I'm WHINY! I'm good at whiny.)

First, and more Is excitingly a word?...I picked up my packet for the Cupid's Love Dash tomorrow. I grabbed it yesterday and seriously am getting more and more excited for this race. It did remind me though how much I hate doing races that don't do race day packet pickup. Unless the race is literally in town - and this one isn't - it's a huge pain. It's part of why I hate doing Chicago races - getting there to pickup the packet is a huge pain. It means hours in the car with a bored kiddo.

And I mean...I do get that it's much easier on the race if people pick up earlier, and a lot of people prefer it. But seriously, having no race day pickup options has caused me to skip races I otherwise would have attended. Unless the race is huge (Hot Chocolate and the Mini Marathon come to mind) I really can't come up with a good excuse not to do it - even if registration costs a little bit more, I'd do a race with race day pickup over one that forces you to pick it up early. Forcing my daughter to spend hours in the car for a race she isn't going to go do is just not fair, and then the ride is stressful trying to make sure she doesn't fall asleep, is entertained, etc.

But, at least it's over, even if it was a huge pain. The RD posted this morning that the course is about half clear with some snow on the rest, so I'll just take it as it goes and enjoy. I won't lie...I'm so tired I thought of asking to drop down to the 5K, but I know I'd regret it if I did that.

And second, and less exciting but mostly for my own reference...maternity running clothes are expensive. :( I still have all my maternity clothes from my daughter's pregnancy in 08 so am fine on that front, but I realized I'll need running clothes this go round. And...ugh. A quick price check? - $50 for a tanktop $40-$50 for a running skirt ON SALE - $68-$75 for a running skirt not on sale

Can I just say...ouch? My entire warddrobe for my last pregnancy was less than a hundred dollars, heavily supplemented by a coworker who had just had her last baby and gave me her maternity clothes. Especially with a new baby on the way, money is tight. I do work from home to supplement my husband's job, but ouch - this could be $120 for a single outfit. At most I can do one of these, and I can't do it right now. I'm going to talk to my boss and see if I can pick up an extra project...I can't give up running, but spending 6 months running in clothes that don't fit doesn't really sound appealing. I have no bottoms at all that will work for running, and my husband does have a tech tank I could borrow that will probably fit at least through the second trimester, but for the most part he runs in that or regular tshirts because he only runs 3-4 miles at a time. Which means competing with him for a single tank top. Ugh!

I guess I could buy just a bunch of L and XL tech tanks, but I'll vanity doesn't really like the idea. I'll just look really, really fat. And there's nothing wrong with fat runners - I started there. But I remember how fat I felt being pregnant last time and when you're heavily pregnant, you're already a little self conscious. I think I'd like to figure out a way to have at least one nice outfit that doesn't make me look huge in any other way but hugely pregnant.

So looking around for stuff that will fit if not be quite as cute as the high fashion options: - gap has a black maternity tank for $30 - and old navy has one for $22

Okay, that's a little more doable. I think I'll probably splurge on one of the running skirts that's on sale, since it has the supportive belly band, and then a couple cheap active tanks from gap or old navy. They won't be cute and say "running for two" but oh well. For my half in April, maybe I'll find the funds to indulge in a cute cotton/poly burnout that says running for two? It's a thought, at least!


  1. I never bought a single maternity running outfit, hit the clearance racks for discount shirts in larger sizes (or borrow hubby's) I got a couple pair of roll waist running pants and shorts a size bigger and just wore low as I expanded! Target C9 was most of my stuff.

    1. Yeah, I think that will be 90% of what I do. I do want at least one cute outfit for races though...I'm vain! (That was remarkably hard to type! But I worked so hard to lose so much weight and I just...dread being fat again, heh.)

  2. I am super annoyed with getting packets in the city too. I usually try to find someone to do it for me, lol.

    I was going to ask if you were going to look at JCP (xersion), Target or Kohl's. They have cheap stuff and maybe would have maternity? Or larger sizes that look nice... maybe ;)

    1. I enlist my husband whenever possible since he works in the city but it isn't always possible unfortunately, sometimes it would be even harder for him to do it than me. I think once this little one is born I'm just going to have to rule out city races where he can't pick up the packet because I can't imagine hauling two kids to Chicago for pickup!

      I think what I'll do for most cheap stuff is haunt ebay. I just missed some old navy maternity workout tops - but it can't be the last time they pop up, and it should be a lot cheaper that way!