Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some awesome news. I'm NOT running a marathon this year!

So, I found out this morning there's no way I'm running a marathon this year. And it's great news!

No, really. I'm not crazy, just keeping reading.

I had this really bizarre dream last night that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, but in a weird special-effects type thing the positive line on the test beamed itself away. Mostly to quiet my brain, since me getting pregnant on my own should be impossible, I took a HPT this morning.

And it was positive.


Cue shock and tears of joy. I of course didn't believe it, and it was a dollar test that had been the last of a batch I'd been going through over the past year or so, so my daughter and I trekked out for a 2mile walk in 3 inches of snow to Walgreens for a second HPT of a different brand.

And it was also positive.

I have no idea when I'm due (like I said, pregnancy isn't even supposed to be possible) but somewhere between June and October. (Like I said...isn't supposed to be possible, LOL!) So, an October marathon in 2013? Just not happening! I'll either have a newborn or be like, 9 months pregnant. So 26.2 miles and my farthest run to date? I love running, but I think not.

What I will be doing, however, is running. I am going to run as long as I am comfortably able to; I love to run and feel like if I really am pregnant (yes, two HPTs aren't quite enough to convince me yet...I have a bloodtest tomorrow morning), I got here because running has done so many good things for me.

So my plan right now - well first, I'm still going to do all the races I am registered for. That's everything on the right side of the screen except the North Shore Half on June 2. I am going to ditch time expectations and find the victory in running rather than times - cuz, I think that's pretty reasonable. Running is hard for my non-pregnant self - for my pregnant self, I have every expectation it will also be hard.

For the North Shore Half, that's going to require some more thought and I probably won't register until closer to race day, because it's going to depend a lot on how I feel.

I will continue to run 20-25 miles a week as long as I am comfortably able. That is what my body is used to - I won't be extending my long run as much as I had planned this year, I will vary it between 8 and 14 for as long as I can sustain that level of mileage - and I feel comfortable that I should be able to hold onto that mileage for a while.

In that vein, for this week:

Monday - rest (was SO sore from my 8 miler - hard run in the snow!)
Tuesday - 2 mile walk (I wanted a tempo run today, but you know what...I was a little too excited to fit it in when my husband got home!)
Wednesday - 3-4 miles (I'd love a 5 miler, but realistically, I need to get bloodwork in my normal running window, so we'll see - I'll get in whatever I have time for)
Thursday - 2 mile tempo run
Friday - 5 miler
Saturday - rest
Sunday - Cupid's Love Dash 10K + 3 mile run that afternoon (I hate splitting a long run but I have been looking forward to this race FOREVER!)


  1. What an awesome surprise!!! Yay!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Always excited to find another Chicagoland blogger :)

    1. Thank you!!

      And you're welcome! You are actually what got me blogging, before I had emailed you I think I read your whole blog :) Granted, I decided to blog my journey to a marathon and it will be a longer journey than I had thought but...I'll take it!

    2. Aww, thanks :) I love that I will get to read all about your races and other adventures now!!! :)

  2. Great news! :) I was another one told I wouldn't get pregnant, well I have a 3 yo to prove that wrong! Hang in there with the running and smart to get rid of time expectations. I ran through my pregnancy including a marathon and multiple halfs. It was the best thing I did to restore my love of running and teach me to better listen to my body. :)

    1. Thank you! My first kiddo, who just turned 4, was a fertility treatment baby...we failed so many rounds after we had her and finally gave up. It's been 3 years in the making but I can honestly say, as much as we are shocked, we are beyond thrilled too.

      Oooh, a marathon while pregnant! Unfortunatley the one I was eyeing is right around when I'm due, but I wish. I had really been thinking this would be my year.

      We'll see how getting rid of time expectations goes, I am super competitive with myself and with being a slowpoke there's a drive to go as fast as possible...but I suppose this is also the best excuse I'll ever have to be on the slower side, haha!