Friday, February 1, 2013

Today wasn't about time or distance.

Today's run wasn't about distance. I've run 5 miles what, a million times? I've run farther, and in fact, I run farther every week.

And today's run wasn't about time or speed. I've run faster. None of my miles were record breaking and in fact, even my half marathon race pace was a second per mile faster.

Today's run wasn't about persevering in the cold either, even though it was -2F with a windchill that felt like -18F according to Though I'll be honest, before I went out, I emailed my husband that it was so cold my toes hurt and I wasn't sure it was a good day to run.

No, today was about the girl who, 14 months ago, bitched and whined about walking around the Milwaukee zoo in November because it was cold and I had to /walk/. 40lbs heavier, that girl could whine.

Today was about the girl who a month later went downtown to eat under the big tree in the Walnut Room and as we rushed back to make our train, couldn't keep up while we speed walked. 40lbs heavier, that girl didn't like moving and didn't do it when she didn't have to.

Today was about leaving that girl 40lbs and hundreds of miles behind. It was about getting out there and never stopping, of running the whole way (and even feeling like I could have kept running, even though this was the farthest I've ever run without doing any walk intervals) because I could and not because I had to, because I wanted to and not because someone else needed to, because it made me feel good and not because money was tight or there aren't enough hours in the day or any of the other bits of life that always interfere.

Hello there, February. You're going to be an amazing month.

Of course, the cup of peanut butter hot chocolate at the end helped too :)


  1. Great job and what a great post! I think we all need to remember how far we have come :)

    PB hot chocolate sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you so much :)

      And it was. I am SO sad to be out of it now!