Friday, April 5, 2013

Lincoln Half is TOMORROW!

Yikes, where did time go? I'm so excited for this race and yet haven't been able to run all week. I'm finally feeling better, but my run time is while my daughter is in school - and she's been sick! I should have hauled my butt out of bed before my husband left for work, but I had no idea this would go on all week like this. I'm going to at least fit a 3-4 mile walk in today and maybe a short run on my treadmill.*

I feel like the failest runner ever, but other than hving a tough time getting up in the morning and getting tired early, the fatigue is so much better than it was even a couple weeks ago. And the weather is getting beautiful, so if I can solve my shirt problem I should be back to my normal 5 milers soon, which ... may sound lame, but it's EXCITING. I'll even be able to do long runs on Monday, since my daughter is starting a second class and will be in school all from 9-2 instead of 9-11.

In makes-me-pout news, I got an email that the North Shore Half is already filling up. Boo. I can't sign up now, 2 months is a lot at this point in pregnancy - I want to do that one so badly but if I sign up and then find myself on bed rest, or with pelvic pain, or end up one of those women who can't run past 5 months? $80 is just too much to spend to register when there's a decent chance that even if I'm still running I may no longer be up to 13.1. Guess I'll have to find another race that month to think about.

*My treadmill is evil - it's a manual one we got for free on freecycle, and it's a permanent hill - in addition to being very difficult to run on, plus a pain to keep the belt in place, it's also at an incline - I can rarely do more than 2 miles on it! In fact...I don't think I've ever done more than 2 miles on it. I much prefer real hills!


  1. You shouldn't have any problem finding another race in June!!! I think it's smarter to wait and sign up when you know you can run, like you said :)

    So happy to hear you are feeling better and think you'll be able to get back to your normal routine soon! :)

    Have a great race tomorrow! :)

    1. Would it surprise you to know I already have one in mind? *lol*

      A friend posted this. It's a little bit of a hike but my best friend lives up in Sheboygan so...she might come to see me run!

      Thank you, I am excited!

  2. See you tomorrow! Finished my Mary Todd Headdress.. it is pink and white :)

    1. Sounds great, can't wait and can't wait to see it! I can't believe it's tomorrow already, I feel like this week went fast!