Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cinco de miler tomorrow!

Whee - cinco de miler tomorrow! I don't think I looked forward to this one quite as much as I did to Cupid a few months ago, but it's another one that's been on my race calendar forever. In a way it's sad because it's the last race I'm currently registered that's on-ground instead of virtual, and it's the last one I registered for before getting pregnant. After tomorrow - I won't be registered for any more races that I actually go to a course for! Boo.

That's such a strange feeling. I know at 18 weeks pregnant I shouldn't register far ahead for races because Marathon will grow so so quickly at this point that I'll be bigger literally week to week and who knows whether I'd be up to a half marathon at say, 23 weeks. The only way I should be doing races now is to register like, a couple days before. But I'm a planner! Haha.

On the plus side, I do have two awesome virtual races coming up - both by Fit 4 Life. I have a Mother's Day 10K (that I won an entry to!) next weekend - I actually registered for it while pregnant but before I knew I was pregnant! And then next month their awesome Boston Challenge, where I have a week to log 26.2 miles. I'm really looking forward to that one because the proceeds go to  charities to benefit the victims of the Boston bombings - so it just really, really resonates, even if that's higher mileage than I usually have in a week, especially right now.

And on another note do I record this PR?! I technically have an 8K PR, which is 4.97 miles...but not a 5mile PR. I know I'll be faster than my 8K, which was when I was just starting out. List them separately since they're different by .03? List the 5 mile instead? Dilemma!

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  1. Good luck on the Cinco de Miler today!

    Create your own unit of measurement for 4.97 miles, like a 5 Heatherometers!