Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 by the 5th - completed! Recap and sum of pregnant running..

Another milestone, it seems. Wayyyyy back in December I signed up for the 5 by the 5th Virtual Run Series run by Laura of Mommy Run Fast. The premise is exactly what it sounds like - run 5K or 5M by the 5th of the month, January through June. There's a finisher medal you can opt into too as long as you complete one of the six races, and not surprisingly, I opted in.

At the time I signed up I thought it was perfect - 5 mile was a normal weekday run for me and it would be nooooo problem to finish at all.

And January's run really was no issue - a slow 5K because I did a 13.1mile training run the day before, but no issue.

Running my first chip-timed half and LOVING it - no idea how much this race would change my life!

February wasn't a problem either - a very typical 5 mile run. Felt totally fine, a totally normal 13mm pace. The day after though...oh, the day after. The day after for the first time I did an 8 mile run, running with my husband - not that I hadn't run 8 miles before, but I usually don't run two days in a row. But my 5 mile had felt easy and how could I pass up a chance to run with my husband? I had thought my last opportunity would be at the Polar Dash, my very first half marathon. So we ran. And man - it was hard. It was so hard, it was slow, and just...I felt in over my head. Yeah, I had taken a week off after my half, but surely I hadn't lost that much fitness had I?! I thought it was a combo of no rest day, still recovering, and the cold, but I just couldn't seem to warm up.

Coming in at the finish line at my Cupid 10K, 6 weeks pregnant

Little did I know...3 days after that run, after wracking my brain trying to figure out why it was SO hard (harder than my half only 3 weeks earlier)...a random pregnancy test explained why that run was so tough. Pregnancy was supposed to be impossible and after going through hell to have my daughter, I believed that. It turned out we conceived at my very first half marathon...which is somehow both amazing and appropriate, as well as spawning the nickname of "Marathon" for the baby. A few days later I ran the Cupid 10K - my first race with baby :)

March's 5 miler ended up a normal pace but running was getting harder. I wasn't throwing up but morning sickness and fatigue were cutting miles out of my week and making the miles I got in harder. I did run a 5K race at the end of March that ended up going really well - not quite a PR but close, and as I began to close in on the end of the first trimester, morning sickness was going away. In a surprise to me, my running clothes stopped fitting though as my belly popped. Oops! I also managed to work in a virtual half marathon, the Shamrocks 4 Shannon, which I was pretty pleased with and predicted a finish time of around 3 for my half coming up the first week of April.

13 weeks pregnant and running the Egg Shell Shuffle 5K

April though...despite running a half that month, this is the only month of 5 by the 5th I had to skip. The fatigue was getting better but was hitting me so hard the first part of the day that I just didn't get many runs in! It's the black spot on my series record and while participating in all 6 wasn't mandatory, I had planned on it, darn it. -glares at blackspot- The half I ran in April wasn't much fun either because I set my expectations high and felt like my body let me down when I had to walk the last 3 miles. That unfortunately would set the tone for much of the next two months...I felt let down by my running. On a positive note, we found out that our little Marathon was a boy - hello, Miles Alexander!*

Okay, not really running, but a quick pause during the Lincoln HM at 14 weeks pregnant.

May continued the running slump, but I did work in both a 5K and a 5 miler at my normal pace & time. At least now being officially in the second trimester my energy levels were better, although my 5 mile race brought the news that I was anemic and needed an iron supplement - or I was going to be short of breath! Happily, one extra vitamin fixed this issue. Really, I didn't run much because of the battle in my head, not my body. I was both afraid that I was no longer a "runner" because I was slowing down and would soon not even be able to imitate a runner because runs were - while easier to get to because I wasn't tired - harder to do as my belly continued to grow. While I was still running at 5months pregnant, I felt like I was staring at the end - and I wasn't happy about it. I was making my peace with it, but I was regretful, too.

Crossing the finish line at the Cinco, 18 weeks pregnant. Race photo, all rights reserved to photographer.
And now it's June! Almost 6 months pregnant, I walked the 5K for 5 by the 5th this month, but only because on 6/2 I ran my second half marathon while pregnant (and had a blast!). I was hoping to get a 5K run in at least but I usually take a week off after a half, so wasn't surprised that I didn't. It's still early in the month, so who knows how I'll feel at the end, but right now I feel good. 23 weeks pregnant, still running - slowing down, but renewing my commitment to run while it feels good and walk while it doesn't. Being active is healthy, and I'm not going to let myself forget that again. I'm sad 5 by the 5th is over and hope Laura does it again in the future - I really liked it. Despite the April blemish, I feel like I earned the medal and can't wait to hang it :)

Okay - not actually running, but right after finishing the North Shore Half at 22 weeks pregnant

*And no, we didn't choose Miles because I run - we just knew it was his name!


  1. I've loved watching your journey along the way- can't wait to see what the back half of your pregnancy has in store for you!! :)

    1. I never replied to this, I'm sorry! Thank you so much! =)

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      Thank you so much :)

  3. You did awesome- I love that you stuck it out the whole way through. :) Thanks for participating!!

  4. Love the pictures throughout! The name Miles is so perfect! It was fun to watch your belly progress in each photo.

    1. Thank you! I have to admit I saw an opportunity for that and had to take it, haha!