Saturday, June 22, 2013

What's a running blog when you don't run?

...a walking blog?

I'm not even sure! But I haven't been able to run since the North Shore Half; not related to the half, but I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and babyboy is growth-spurting in a huge way. I'm not going to turn this into a solely pregnancy blog by any means, but let me just say...ouch. My abdominal muscles ache when I /walk/ right now - running is not my friend at the moment.

I miss it. I really, really do miss it. I look wistfully at races I'd love to run and get jealous when my friends run or my husband logs one more training run for the Chicago Marathon.

But at the same time, after having talked with my OB about what's going on, he said I'm at a point where a lot of women find they can't pick it back up. He said after the growth spurt ends and my abs get a slight break it's completely feasible I might be able to pick it back up. But...some women can't.

And knowing that, knowing how supportive he is of my just is what it is. I can't change it and even with a support belt my stomach aches. If the North Shore Half was my farewell to pregnant was a helluva high not to go out on. I'm even happier that I went out on a limb and went for it, undertrained or not, because it was SO much fun and was proof that my body is still mine, that I can still do things that I couldn't before - even pregnant.

Despite my fears, I'm not turning into a sloth either; in the past week I've walked over 30 miles. So I'm still moving. If we can figure out how to budget a gym pass I'll be able to swim and bike this summer. And if not I'll walk. And walk. And walk :)

The biggest difference between a year ago, when I had never yet run, and today, when I can't run, is that now - I know what I'm missing. And I can't wait until I can do it again.

But until then...I'll probably be a pretty quiet blogger.


  1. Walking is great exercise! And a lot more bearable in the summer. I hope you still share your stories with us! LOL - this is why I don't call myself a running blog. Because then you feel like you can't talk about whatever you want! ;) I think people want to hear about more than just running anyway ;)

  2. That's great that you're still staying active even if you can't run right now. That's a lot of walking! I hope you can figure out a way to get some swimming or biking in. Is there a local park district pool, perhaps? That's where I swim and lap passes are pretty reasonable (at least in the city, which isn't something you can say about many things here).

  3. Hi Heather! My name is Heather and I have a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!