Monday, January 20, 2014

Frigid Fanny 5K Trail Run - Recap

I mentioned previously but for Christmas my husband got me the Muddy Monk season pass, good for their 13 races in 2014. (It was kind of his way of budgetting so I don't end up spending 30-50 a race...haha...but I'll take it and be thrilled!) This past Saturday was the first of the year, the Frigid Fanny 5K, and it was also my first trail run ever. I've off road before, but it's about...oh...a third of a mile on one of my routes. Which is not equivalent to a full race on trails!

My favourite part about getting ready for this race was that packet pickup was morning of, and their races don't start until 10am. So nice to not have to get up super early for race day! We got up before 5 when I have a race in Chicago, and because their races are only a few hundred runners it's much faster to get set up. Supposedly there was an express line for Season Pass holders, but if there was I didn't see it - nonetheless packet pickup took all of maybe two minutes. (Funny enough, the bibs they used were for the wrong race - they were forced to cancel their race last month and I guess they just reused the bibs. Fine by me, but I guess no point saving my bibs this year, hah!) For season pass holders you get the same number at each race, so I was excited to see mine:

Lucky #7! And I look so overdressed, kind of felt like one of those kids in thick snowsuits with so many layers under my thick fleece, but it was cold!

When race time rolled around we were off. No chip timing, just gun time, and I started myself towards the end of the pack. I was so nervous going into this because the course was pretty much all ice - slush had been run through and refroze on the trail so the only portion without ice was the last quarter mile, which was about 6 inches of snow. I'm not graceful under ideal circumstances and have a tendency to trip on flat level surfaces, so I was pretty convinced I was going to end up with some wicked bruises, but with freshly snow-screwed shoes I was off.

 Well I thought I was smiling, anyway!

Runners ahead of me slipped several times which was scary, but the atmosphere was SO nice! Everyone was checking one everyone and warning everyone else - and it wasn't long before we all slowed to a single file stop as we came to our first obstacle - a huge icy downed tree. After hopping over it carefully and getting started again I realized I was having a total blast, and I don't think I stopped smiling after. I never thought I'd enjoy jumping over frozen logs, but I did! I knew half way through I was totally hooked.

My favourite obstacle - a series of downed tree. It reminded me of a tire hop!
In the end my gun time ended up being 49 and some change, my garmin time was 48:34. Since the race isn't chip timed and I started near the end of the pack, I'm going with garmin time for this. To put the time in perspective, the winning time was 25 and change - this was a tough, tough course! And SO much fun.

Plus, the finisher gift was a...mason jar? I think I was supposed to drink a beer out of it..or something?

I will say that I definitely feel this race, even two days later. I used muscles I don't usually use for running and they have no qualms about telling me how much they hurt today! (Do you think I can count it as cross training? Hah!) For 16 minute miles, I am hella sore. But in a good way, and I had a total blast.

Next up on my race agenda is my chocolate race in Highland Park on 2/9 (yes! my candy race - I'm running it again! I don't think I'll beat my time from last year though - fitting runs in has been so much harder than I thought it would be!) and then the Muddy Monk Frozen 5 Miler trail race on 2/15.


  1. I saw your link on the 14 in 2014 Facebook page. That's a great Christmas gift and very impressive you were able to get out there and finish in this weather!

    1. Thank you! Believe me, me from two years ago would have thought I was crazy, but it was fun!

  2. Yay! It makes me smile so big to hear how much you loved it. Trail races are so fun... and I bet one like this in the snow would be even more fun! Art puts on the funnest races with such a great atmosphere.

    How cool you will be #7 all year round! And LOLing they reused bibs - that happened to me at a race in 2012 and I had never heard of it. It cracked me up because me and my friends all had bibs from different races.

    1. It really was so much fun, I had no idea it would be such a blast! I wish I'd done it before, I'm so totally hooked!

      Lol that would be too funny! I guess this made sense, it saved them money and it's not like there were chips, but it was definitely weird haha!

  3. I volunteered at the race, and they said that the bibs never arrived in time for the race. (I thought it was weird too, but better than construction paper and markers, lol)

    Great job on the race. It was TOUGH out there. I applaud all of you for just showing up!

    1. Oooh that's interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

      And thank you - it was such a blast though!