Friday, January 3, 2014

Running and training and the changing of plans, oh my.

I will be honest, getting runs in with a small baby has been so, so much harder than ever anticipated. It sounded so easy when I was pregnant - my husband told me "And I'll kick you out the door so you can stay sane!" Easy, right?

Except not so much. Glorious plans for morning runs? Thwarted by a baby who will only let me sleep solidly from 2am to 7am. I will give up some sleep to run, but when one is barely sleeping ... giving up real sleep is not an option no matter how much you want to run.

Equally glorious plans for an evening run? Thwarted by a baby who nurses non stop at night.

And you know...that's okay. I miss running a lot. I'm pretty much only able to go on weekends, when my husband is home during the day. (Or the odd day he's home during the day, but that's not often.) He's not going to be this little forever and I really don't want to give up any moment I don't have to. He needs me right now and that's okay.

But I started to realize that going a week without a good CV workout was driving me nuts. I was getting antsy and cranky. So, I bought an elliptical. It's not a perfect substitute for running. It uses some of the same muscles so it's a solid cross train, and it will help prevent me from decaying entirely. But it's not running.

No, it's not running. But it's something...and he won't be this little forever. I have plans for running...I definitely do, because I have a season pass for Muddy Monk this year, and I'm already registered for the Cupid 10k...I'm not done with running, not by a long shot! Especially because when I do get to run I know I'm getting stronger and faster than I was before - I'm already at almost pre-baby speed. Which means I do think all the work I did means I'll end up faster than before - only time will tell!

Sooooo...anyone else hitting the trails with Muddy Monk this year?

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