Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Did I just WHAT??

Okay, so I didn't think I could top yesterday's run for a long, long time. It gave me hope that I could break the 35 minute mark for a 5K, but I figured it was a goal I was working towards.

Tonight's training run was 3 miles, but I went the extra tenth of a mile because it was going so amazing. I ran the first 2 miles with no walk breaks at all, walked a tenth of a mile, ran half a mile, walked another tenth, and then ran it home...and I am shocked.

I didn't think I could hold this pace for this long. I thought I had a long road ahead.

But my splits:

Mile 1: 11:01
Mile 2:  10:20
Mile 3: 11:39
.1: 0:58

I felt GREAT. It was challenging, but not grueling. I could have gone longer. Maybe faster? I was trying to conserve the first mile.

I'm in shock. 35 goal for a 5K...totally in reach. But maybe too easy. what?


  1. Woooooo hoooo, way to go! We're at about the same pace too, I have a similar 5k goal :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still ridiculously excited, funny as it sounds.

      I don't know what my goal is now! Haha, I guess that is a post in and of itself - I feel like if I just go for a sub 35 it's too easy!

  2. That is so awesome! I was thinking sub 35:00 seemed like it was way doable... maybe sub 33:00?!?!