Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I did this last night, but I'm still about to burst at the seams so I figured I'm going to document this. I've been sneaking in short mid-week runs for a couple weeks now - trying to get at least 1-2 in during the week to boost my mileage a bit and while I hate night running, it's been going pretty good.

Yesterday was Tuesday and on Tuesdays, my husband coaches debate at our old high school, which means he goes from work to the school - typically I don't see him until close to midnight on those days. But this week due to a volunteer drive his office did, he actually got to come home for half an hour. So what did I do? I geared up and literally snuck in a run on a day I didn't think I'd ever be able to hit the pavement, of course!

Between handing off the kids and throwing shoes on, I ended up with 20 minutes to go run; I did a quarter mile warm up and then off I went. I knew I would only have time for a mile and a half - I wish it had been more, but I was lucky to get that! - so I ditched any walk breaks, which was fine since I've been weaning off of walk intervals for short runs anyway. I was just doing laps around my neighborhood and figured I'd cool off on the treadmill inside to save time, so I wasn't looking at my garmin at all - just digging deep and going at what was comfortable for 6 quarter mile laps.

Well - when I hit the end of lap 6, I found out I'd completed 1.5 miles in 15:17 - and clocked a 10:01 mile in there! 10:01!! I have never in my life run that fast - much less held that pace for longer than a single interval. I have NO idea where that pace came from, or why it felt so comfortable. (Maybe I was just REALLY cold? I skipped a layer in trying to save time getting dressed, figuring I wouldn't be out there long!) But the best part is not only did I knock 47 seconds off my fastest mile ever, hold a 10ish pace for a mile and a half run - but I felt like I could go further! I did 1.5 last week without a walk interval and this week I am bumping it to 1.75 (I would have yesterday if I had had more time, and believe me, I thought of stealing 3 more minutes...)  so I know I'm ready - but I just felt so GOOD on that run, I was sure I'd be slow.

All in all...this is pretty incredible for this back-of-the-packer. It's hard to believe I've come this far - this gives me SO much hope that I will not just hit my sub-35 5K goal, but smash it to pieces!


  1. Hey, congrats on the pace! That's awesome that you managed to sneak in an unexpected run and do so well at it :)