Saturday, February 22, 2014

Running with kids!

One of the things I absolutely love about running is how contagious it is. Since I began running, I've given numerous people in my life - including my best friend and one of my aunts - the bug. I ran by my best friend's side for her first 5K and have done a number of races with my aunt (one of which where she dragged the whole family along!). And most of you probably don't know this, but I am actually the reason my husband runs, too. He's...competitive, and if I was doing it he had to do it better and faster :P (It got him moving, so I'm mostly okay with that.)

My latest convert, however, I need some advice on. My 5 year old has decided she wants to run a race with Mommy!
My very-cute running buddy!

I love the idea, and she and I walked a lot of miles when I was pregnant; I know she can walk a 5K, so I'm not worried about the mileage, per se. But I know she wants to run, so I want her to train with me. What we've started with is walking a quarter mile, then running for .125 and walking for .125 x4, then walking a quarter mile to cool down.

Tentatively, I think I want to do that 2x a week with her and then do a longer run on the weekend, extending it by a quarter mile each week for a race we're targeting in May.

On the other hand, my husband thinks that we should start with the couch to 5k. I guess I don't know - she's really little. She just turned 5 a few weeks ago, and I am not sure I want her to have the goal of running the whole thing - I feel like walk/running is a safer plan for such a little body.

But what do you think? Am I being over protective? Have you run races with your kids? How did you teach them?


  1. I think it's awesome! She wants to be like mommy!!

    My kiddo did a 5K with me when he was just a few years older than your daughter. We did the run/walk thing, mostly like the C25K program. He did incredibly well, and still wanted to run, so I'd say that was a win! I did have to reign him in at the beginning, and push him in the end, but he got a medal and he was so happy!

    He has went on to compete in duathlons and even bike races!! (He's more of a cyclist like his daddy)

    1. Aww that's so awesome!

      And yeah I think that's a good plan. She's just so little, but I don't want to discourage her!

    2. You could always try a fun 1 miler! Lots of races around here have them when they do the 5K's! Maybe look into that, my kiddo did one of those when he was 3!! He was the littlest fella out there...and wasn't last!!!

    3. I thought about that, but her motivation is very simialr to mine...she wants a "medal like mommy" haha. I don't know of any 1 milers that would give her a medal, so I've found a 5K we're training for :) She's done a couple 400m kid dashes and has ribbons from those, but she says they're not medals. Lol~!