Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tight calf!

So I did my long run on Sunday, 7 miles, and it went AWESOME. It was one of those runs where you feel fantastic. I had had a short run the day before that went really crummy so I was nervous, but it was an amazing run. It was cold, but I was out with my husband - most of the time I have to run alone so running with company was really, really nice. The plan was for me to run until I needed a walk break since I'm still working on kicking the walk breaks, and then walk/run the rest of the run. We figured that would be about 3 miles, since the farthest I've run without stopping since having the baby has been 5K.

Well - the 5K point came and went (in 33:47, which felt completely comfortable - I wasn't pushing it on pace at all!) and so I figured, we'll I'll try for running 3.5 straight. 3.5 came and I still felt really good, so I went for four. My splits ended up being 11:06, 10:57, 10:45, 10:35 - 4 miles without stopping and I was feeling great. The only reason I paused for a walk break is because I wanted to practice eating on a run again; I know from the first time I had to learn to eat on a run that my stomach is really not happy to learn to accept nutrtion while exercising at first and if I was going to end up with stomach cramps or feeling nauseous again, I wanted to ease in gently when I could end the run in a few miles instead of waiting to practice until I got up to 10 or 11 miles, when it could be another hour or two of an upset stomach. I didn't need it for a 7 mile run, but if I have a half in a month I definitely needed to retrain  my stomach!

Getting going again was a little tough, but I kept up a good pace. I was feeling really good but I would end up taking another walk break when I hit 5 miles and when I hit 6, so I ended up doing a 2min walk / 10 minute run plan. These were not the intervals I was planning, but since I was with my husband I was trying to minimize walking because I know he hates it, and I really did feel good. I think I likely could have run the entire thing, but I didn't want to jump from running 3 straight to running 7 straight - I felt great but I don't want to get hurt, so I'm going to ease into running longer distances straight just to be safe. My splits for the last 3 miles ended up being 12:47 (eating takes longer when the sport beans are frozen, go figure), 11:54, 11:45. All in all, a FABULOUS run.

And yet despite that, I woke up yesterday with a really tight left calf. Not painful - just tight. It was odd and new, I've never had that before. It was a rest day though so I stretched and shrugged it off and mostly ignored it.

Except I woke up with it again today. If I try to deeply massage it it does hurt, but it really isn't sore otherwise - just tight. I had planned another 2 mile run today but now I'm nervous...I am really, really loving running right now and who ever wants to get injured? Do I figure it was just the effects of an intense run and see how a run today goes? Give it an extra day of rest? Panic? (Wait, I'm pretty sure that's probably unproductive!)

WWYD, blogland?


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    1. I'm sure this is the weirdest excuse ever, but I did use to have a foam roller...and my cat ate it.

      No, seriously. He's obsessed with styrofoam - he got in my closet and chewed it to bits. I had bits of black foam all over my house, it was horrible. I was so scarred I haven't replaced it yet! Lol!

      I ended up giving it an extra day of rest - the next day I felt normal so did an easy 3 miles and felt great. Whew!