Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Training 02.03.14

Monday 2/3 - Elliptical || 2.2 miles || 25:00 || Circuit 2, difficulty 3

Tuesday 2/4 - Elliptical || 2.96 miles || 30:00 || Course 2, difficulty 3

Wednesday 2/5 - Run || 2.12 miles || 23:58 || 9*, felt like -5* || Ran 1.5, walked .125, ran .479
 Polar fleece, ua compression top, short sleeve tech, tights + pants - perfect. Also spent 20 minutes shoveling snow. That's cross training, right...?

Thursday 2/6 - Rest

Friday 2/7 - Unplanned Rest
Thanks for the growth spurt, baby boy! I salvaged today with Chinese food. Oh, that's not exercise related?

Saturday 2/8 - Rest
I really wanted to run today, but I knew if I went out I was just asking to do something stupid and fall or sabotage the race some other way. Don't worry though - my cat filled in for the run, and as I was going to bed, played the part of an obstacle, whereupon I promptly fell flat on my butt. My left hip and wrist were very mad at me.

This is what you get for not petting me enough, human.

Sunday 2/9 - Run || 6.2 miles || 1:13:53 || 5*, felt like -5* || Ran 5 minutes, walked 2 until the last two miles, when hills got the best of me
Cupid's Love Dash 10K. Polar fleece, ua compression shirt, short sleeve tech, tights + pants, balaclava  - too hot! With the temps the way they were I thought for sure at least a short sleeve shirt was needed, but no - apparently I was really pushing it. HARD run, lots of snow and slush on the course combined with pushing for race time. 

Balaclavas are hawt.

Total: 13.48, 5.16 elliptical, 8.32 run. This should have been higher, missing Friday sucked, but c'est la vie!

Next week I'm planning a 5 mile trail race and then 2 2-mile outdoor runs, plus 1-2 elliptical days. I -again- missed cross training. Sigh. I really need to get on that.

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