Sunday, February 23, 2014

Training 2.17.14

Monday 2/17 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 2/18 - Run || 2 miles || 24:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Yucky but done. I hate hills! Got it in though, proud for sticking it through - for the first time in a long time I had to cajole myself to finish a workout.

 Wednesday 2/19 - Run || 2.26 miles || 25:40, 11:21p || 32*, felt like 29* || Ran 2.25
 Polar fleece, tank top, pants -too warm! But I needed the zip pockets on my fleece...I need some kind of running belt. Fanny pack? Haha.

Run/walk || 1.51 miles || 28:10, 18:38p || 32*, felt like 29* || Walk .25, run .125/walk .125x4, Walk .26
"Run" with my daughter :)

Thursday 2/20 - Cross training || 6 Circuits (12 pushups / 30 L lunge / 30 R lunge / 20s wall squat)
Definitely could tell I blew this off for a month...usually 8 circuits is the minimum I do, but this felt very challenging and I could tell my muscles weren't up to more. I am going to do this workout weekly! I am! I am...I  hope.

Elliptical || 6.2 miles || 1:05:54, 10:38 || Circuit 4, level 2
Midrange intensity, not much to note.

Friday 2/21-  Run || 3.1 miles || 35:11, 11:21p || 29*, felt like 17*|| No walk intervals!
Polar fleece, compression top, tights + pants, perfect. Great run. Didn't push it on pace, kept it comfortable, and did a double-out-and-back path since the main street I usually run is still not safe with all the ice and snow. Didn't do any walk intervals and felt very comfortable - plus, ran negative splits, first time EVER! 11:45, 11:16, 10:57, 0:56!

Run/walk || 1.53 miles || 29:03, 19:3p || 32*, felt like 29* || Walk .25, run .125/walk .125x4, Walk .28
"Run" with my daughter :)

Saturday 2/22- Run || 2 miles || 23:13, 11:37p || 25*, felt like 20*  || Run 1.25, walk .125, run .4, walk .1, run .125
Running jacket, compression top, pants - plus new Asics! Crummy run, I had to talk a walk break after a mile and again after another half mile ... just wasn't feeling great, my legs felt tired. With a long run the next day I didn't want to push it, so I cut it to 2 instead of 3. 

Hey, at least I had new shoes, right?

Sunday 2/23 - Run || 7 miles || 1:20:20, 11:28p || 297, felt like 5* || Ran 4, walked .25 to eat/drink, ran .75, walk .2, run .8 x2
Running jacket, compression top, tights + pants, perfect, plus new Sauconies. Run with my husband and it was a FANTASTIC run - I was so nervous after Saturday's run but it was awesome. I ran the first 4 solid in less than 44m, including 5K time of 33:47 (fastest ever) and then took a break to practice race nutrition - then 2min walks with 9min run intervals. Unusual intervals for me but my husband hates walk/run so I was trying to walk as little as possible - and it went FANTASTIC! 

Total: 25.6, 6.2 elliptical, 3.04 walked, 16.36 run


  1. You might want to try a Hipssister to hold your stuff in when you run ( I use one and like it :)

    That is awesome you got to run with your husband at the end of the week!

    1. Oh that's pretty cool! Thank you!

      And thank you, it was a blast! I feel like ditching walk intervals totally is a lot more possible than I thought...that run was really fantastic.

      And also holy whoa I had no idea anyone would ever read these!

  2. Please...not fanny pack!! Hahaha!!

    I use a "spi belt" which I love! I bought it at an expo a few years back and that thing is so cool!

    1. More fanny pack hate!

      ...I actually don't even know if I've ever seen one in person, haha.

      I've heard about those! I am going to buy either one of those or the hipssister Kim mentioned. I guess I am really ready for warm weather haha.

  3. Congrats on teh great runs on Sunday and Friday! That's awesome that you got in runs with yout husband and daughter :)

    1. I love running with people, but don't get a chance to do it often...juggling kids with it makes it tough unfortunately, so getting the opportunity with my husband is really nice. And the ones with my daughter are just CUTE :)