Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly recap

I know, I know. I rarely post, and now two in one day. But I've had a lot of running stuff on my mind and if I'm honest I could probably write four posts today - plus the baby is taking a very long afternoon nap which is unusual - so bear with me.

I've been thinking of making a weekly post like this for a while - it seems like most running blogs I read do, but I've never been one to do it because others are and I kind of felt like I'd be a copy-cat if I did.

No, not that kind of copy-cat. And yes, that's highlighter on his nose. Don't ask me why he likes my daughter. Or why he sat patiently still so she could colour on him.

But I had the epiphany while running that so many blogs do them because they're helpful. There, aren't I smart? As I was running I realized I'd like to keep notes on what I do each week and how it goes if for no other reason than keeping straight the kind of clothes I like to run in to be comfortable! (I uh...managed to over dress for a 15* run. WUT!) Dailymile is helpful, to a degree, as is my log on mapmyrun, but I think my own notes would be better. (Umm, yes. I have two different sites I log my miles on. That's not normal...? I like counting miles...I'm not OCD...I swear...)

So here's mine from last week, and I'm going to keep a draft going during the week for next week's recap.

Monday 1/27 - Rest day (well that's a boring way to start my first ever weekly recap! But I'd run both the 25th and 26th.)

Tuesday 1/28 - Elliptical || 3.11 miles || 30:00 || Speed intervals, circuit 2, difficulty 3

Wednesday 1/29 - Run || 2.05 miles || 23:31 || 12*, felt like 5* || Ran 1.25, walked .125, ran .25, walked .125, ran .25
Polar fleece, ua compression top, short sleeve tech, tights + pants - perfect

Thursday 1/30 - Rest day (unplanned - oops!)

Friday 1/31 - Run || 3.11 miles || 37:52 || 15*, felt like 15* || Ran 1, walked .125, ran .5, walked .125, ran .5, walked .125, ran .25, walked .125, ran .361
Thin sweastshirt, ua compression top, short sleeve tech, tights + pants - surprisingly perfect. Ran out of steam at the end of this run but nothing to do with overheating, did not fuel well beforehand d/t dinner out for my daughter's birthday. Had planned to run 3, but saw that I could beat my pp 5K time so went for it - and did!

Saturday 2/1 - Rest (Friday's run initially planned for today, but switched days to expected storm that...didn't really happen. I was supposed to cross train, but my daughter's birthday party took the whole morning and then my husband invited my inlaws over...they were at the house until 10 or so...oops.)

Sunday 2/2 - Run || 5 miles || 1:04:56 || 19*, felt like 10* || Ran 5 minutes, walked 2 until the last mile - one of the intervals had to be modified to get through traffic
Polar fleece, ua compression shirt, long sleeve tech, tights + pants - too hot! Should have done short sleeves at least. HARD run, going through the snow is like running through sand and this had a lot of jumping, snow drifts, and obstacles, so it had the body feel of more like a trail run but I kept a good pace, considering. Proud to have it in the books! 

Total: 10.16 miles run, 2 miles walked (warm ups and cooldowns), 3.11 on the elliptical, 0 minutes cross training

Goals for next week: Get a day of cross training in!

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