Thursday, March 27, 2014

Battle of the $0.02: HipSsister v. Spibelt

(Disclaimer: I purchased both a SpiBelt and HipSsister. Neither company even knows I exist. My opinions are only mine!)

So, I had made a post (scratch that - this was actually on a weekly training log!) about needing a running belt. People chimed in; Kim recommended a HipSsister belt and Running for Oreos (sorry, I realized I don't actually know your name) plus a couple others in one of my running FB groups recommended the SpiBelt . Well knowing me, I couldn't make a I got both. (Actually, I bought both, and then won a free SpiBelt that I liked better than the one I bought because the one I bought was black with a pink zipper and this one was PINK, like hot pink.)

 And in the left corner, Camo HipSsister! In the right corner - hot pink SpiBelt!

So now that I have used both, I figured why not - I'm sure *everyone* wants to read my opinion on the two, right? So here's my run down.


 Horrible bathroom selfie. Sorry!

Pros - Stays put, wide zipped pocket so it's easy to fit big phones, fits lotttts of stuff
Cons - Only one pocket, so reaching for your phone can knock other stuff out

Appearance - Sorry, this is very functional, but it's throwing me back to the fannypack era!

Trial run: I wasn't sure what to expect when I put this on - I was a little nervous the plastic buckle would bite into my back while running or cause chafing or hot spots, but truth be told even with my heavy phone I didn't feel it at all and after the first 1/2 mile running in it I totally forgot it was there (until my phone vibrated and startled the crud out of me!). Definitely worked well and I can fit plenty of stuff in here.

Bottom line: I will definitely use this for runs in the future. I'm not sure I'd ever use it outside of running though, it's um...well, I'm no fashion queen, but this is definitely not an accessory I'll be reaching for to complete anything but a running kit.


Another hot bathroom selfie.Woot.

Pros - Super comfortable, stays put, 3 pockets so plenty of room (2 horizontal zip pockets, 1 vertical unsealed pocket)

Cons - Goes over your head to put on, the zip pockets are a litttttle bit too small to easily slide my phone in (although the phone fits fine in the actual pocket)

Trial run: Okay, so I'll start by saying I think the vertical pocket is actually intended for your phone, but I'm not comfortable putting an expensive gadget in an unsealed pocket, so I stuck it in the zip pocket. I was a little worried looking at these that it would ride or roll up as I ran, but I was super happy to find that it stayed firmly put for me. I was especially nervous because I'm on the cusp of two sizes, and went with the larger, so I felt like I was especially at risk for it trying to roll into a skinny belt. But after the first half mile, it may as well have been at home for how much I noticed it.

Bottom line: I really liked it, and I can see myself using something like this outside of running too. It doesn't fit quite as much as my spibelt so it's probably not for super long runs when I need to carry more than one pack of sports beans, but I definitely liked it. It comes in lots of colours so I have a feeling I'll be buying a second before too long to have one to match more clothes.

So there's my $0.02! Have you tried both? Which is your favourite?


  1. I have heard lots of good reviews of the spi belt so I am happy you liked that, too! You are right - I use the HipSsister for short runs when I am running in something w/o pockets and want a spot for my phone, and maybe car key and chapstick. On long runs I use a backpack :) My phone fits fine in the open pocket. Do you have one of those bigger Android phones?

    1. A backpack? :o I have to imagine with how much you run that's comfortable, but I have to admit I'm flashing back to high school and cringing, haha!

      I have an iPhone 4S, which does fit in the vertical pocket (although my case catches on it - that case is, knock on wood, temporary until I can get a new one - it's there just in case the phone gets knocked out of my hand). I'm just nervous as I run it would fall out - nothing against the belt, but I drop things even when I'm not running, haha! I suppose the 4S isn't really big, but it's big for me if that makes sense!

      I'm really glad you recommended it though - I hadn't heard of them and you were the only one who brought it up and I totally see myself ditching my purse entirely now. I have to carry a diaper bag so I hate carrying a purse too but am not comfortable combining the two, so having this is a total win for me.

    2. This is the type of backpack I mean - ;)

      I have the 4 and it fits in there, sideways (and vertically) with the case! You do need to hold it in when you bend over, though.

      Aww, I am happy you like it so much and can use it outside of exercise, too! And don't they have fun patterns?!

    3. Oh duh. I was picturing like, a hiking pack or something. Which doesn't make sense, derp. And now that you link those I've seen you post pics of you wearing it!

      Yeah, I figured - and I know that I am exactly goofy enough to forget and drop it that way. I just know me! Haha.

      They do! Although I think for my next one I'm going to get a solid blue one, I probably should have done that this time haha. But I really like it so definitely, thank you!

  2. I've never heard of this hipster until Kim was talking about it on your blog!

    I like my spi belt, and I ALWAYS wear it under my clothes because I do feel as though I'm wearing a fanny pack! Hahaha!!! It never bounces and I hardly know its there...until someone calls!

    Oh and my name is Michele!! Nice to meet you! I guess it doesn't say my name!

    1. Me either! But it is awesome!

      Yeah...definitely a fannypack vibe, hah. Well it does the job! And I don't run to look like a fashionista...haha.

      Nice to meet you Michele!

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  4. pls ignore typos... moving too fast... you know how that goes! ;)