Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling exposed... running clothes.

I have posted about it before, but I have been slowly buying more running gear lately - new shoes, a running belt, new socks, etc. Part of this is in preparation to start training for a marathon, some of this is replacing what was worn out (my poor waveriders...I have worn them thin, literally!), and some of this is adjusting to a body that just had a baby and has reorganized itself a bit.

But it's strange to me. For a very long time, I wore nothing skin tight. Everything was loose, baggy. I ran my first 5K in an XL cotton tshirt and baggy yoga pants. Seriously. I knew enough not to wear the race shirt, because that's a Runner's Rule.

 Eventually, I'd figure out that rules were made to be broken and to do what made me happy, however!

But I have always dressed to hide myself in recent years, uncomfortable showing any part of me or feeling like any part of me was worth showing, and so, even when it was practical, I just...didn't. I didn't wear shorts, or capris. I wore long jeans and long pants. I wore loose fitting shirts, jackets a size too big.

And it's not that I didn't know the stuff was too big, I did, but it's a good way to hide.

But I'm done hiding.

And it's not that I suddenly feel like my body is perfect or that I want to show off.

It's that...I (mostly) don't care any more. I'm buying running clothes that are good for running. No more loose clothes that catch on things as I run or drag or freeze in icy slush and get heavy. I'm buying form fitted clothes to run in because...get this...I am looking to dress appropriately for how I want to run.

It feels good.


But it feels a little exposed, too. I went out for a run in a pair of fitted running capris yesterday and I was a little bit paranoid. Not that I really expected anyone was looking at me, at least any more than the usual "Dude, it's -2 out, that chick is CRAZY!" But...there's really nowhere to hide in regular running clothes.

It's not a bad thing. But these capris? Sure are different.


  1. You look great! And I'm a firm believer in looking cute while you run! :-)

    1. Thank you! I was always a little wistful of other people I saw looking totally cute in their running outfits but was never quite brave enough to try something cute myself...I'm going to change that this year :) I have no idea how a marathon will go but I will at least look cute!

  2. Oh I definitely remember that feeling! I used to work out in sweats and t-shirts too, and it was really weird once I made the switch to even semi-fitted capris, much less full-on running tights. Tank tops were so strange at first too - is everyone at the gym staring at my bare arms?! Probably not.

    I'm glad you're coming out of hiding! New running gear is fun, and you'll be used to the new clothes before you know it :)

    1. That's exactly it! I know people aren't really staring. I mean, my arms aren't that offensive, and goodness forbid I show some skin on my legs, right?! But it was weird. It felt out there!

      Thank you. I went out in capris again this morning and I can't say I didn't think about it, but I think I thought about it less! That's a victory...right? Haha!

  3. Yay for you!! Wearing the right gear makes all the difference for sure!!

    I know how you feel though. At first I'd buy the things that fit, but they had to be black!! (Slimming you know...) and now I'm like, "Hey, I LOVE pink!!" So I buy all the things I want in every color! Black is so boring!!!

    1. I am sure it will which is why I'm taking the plunge but eek, scary!

      Oooh that didn't occur to me! Both my pairs of capris are black. Although, in my defense, I thought one was grey. BAD picture haha.

  4. Awe! Dressing for your sport is so much better and you'll get comfortable soon enough. Honestly, I think baggy clothes make people look bigger, clothes that fit always look better. I'm sure you look awesome! Besides, you're running!

    1. I hope so! It's weird to wear skin tight stuff!

      And I know, that's definitely true. But they're also easier to hide in.

      And yes! I try to remind myself of this. None of it matters but the run!