Saturday, March 15, 2014

Punk the Monk 5K Recap

So this morning I ran the Punk the Monk 5K trail race by Muddy Monk. As you may recall from yesterday's post I was a little nervous going into this race, and really I think it showed because not only did I forget to throw my race gear in the wash (I ran late Thursday and had to do child laundry Friday...long story, lol), I also forgot to charge my phone and bring my garmin. Great start! Lol. So while I charged it on the way there, I was still nervous.

I got there and we quickly figured out that - while supposedly parking was secured across the street - that wasn't actually quiiiite as smooth as we figured, so my husband dropped me off and drove the kids around until my race was over. Since this was a short race it was okay, but if this had happened at a longer race that wouldn't really have worked. Hopefully that's a kink that'll they'll work out as they do more Lake County races going forward, because I really really liked the trail we ran.

Packet pickup was a little busier than the last couple - more people out! - but that was okay, because the race was SO close to my house I still got to leave the house much later than usually. Start line was only 15 minutes away from me, which was nice. I did run into a snafu though...since I'm a season pass holder you give your size at the beginning of the year. The problem for women is that some of these are unisex shirts and some are not - and I wear a small in unisex but a medium in women's. I gave that info, but anyone want to guess what size women's shirt I got today? Needless to say it's a bit tight, but oh well.

I met my aunt at the start line (who I'd convinced to do a race with me, whoo) and things started off without a hitch. The course had some ice and some mud, as well as some very interesting frozen animal dung (which, while being careful to dodge it, did have me wondering what kind of animals frequent the clearly wasn't a dog...hmmm). I didn't have my garmin going, but I had MapMyRun and found out that it - loudly - announces mile markers, haha. My first mile, despite the mud and ice for tough traction, came in at 11:03. Not bad for a trail run!

The mud on my legs was much more vivid in person..

Mile two was much of the same, bringing with it wet feet as some of the mud gave way to puddly mud. Yay, wet muddy feet. Whoo. It came in in 10:44, which made me pretty happy, although I do remember thinking, "Whew, only another mile or so..." The traction made this a REALLY tough run - not nearly as bad as the previous months but definitely no road race; I could feel how hard I was working for that pace! We did get to run past a beautiful frozen lake though. The trail was really scenic and lovely.

This is a pretty picture, but I mostly look at it and think, hmm, my photography while running needs work...haha!

Mile 3 was pretty easy and clocked in at 10:38. I knew the course was long though - the RD had said 3.18, mapmyrun said 3.26. And the last stretch had a big uphill which, I'll admit - with .02 left to the finishline - I walked for 20 seconds. Haha. The last quarter mile came in at 3:00, much slower than the rest of the miles but man, that was pretty steep compared to the pancake places I usually run!

According to MMR my final time was 35:40 for a 10:55 pace. That's not a 5K PR but considering the course came in at 3.26 for me and it was on the trails with tricky footing rather than a flat fast smooth course, I was pretty happy with my time. I am not sure what my official time will be since they don't chip time, but I'm pretty happy either way!

And of course, another mason jar for my growing collection.

Yay, beer jars. Have I mentioned I don't drink, much less drink beer? I might be at the wrong races...

(As a note on yesterday's post, I talked to the RD after the race. The Lake County cops were there and seemed helpful and nice. Apparently Cook County did come by to talk to him today and gave him a $75 ticket. As far as I'm aware, that's the end of that and I'm a little confused why they needed me to give him a $75 ticket, but okay then. Race on and I can't wait for next month's race! I don't think I'll be doubling down, I'll probably just do the 10K, but I'm excited!)


  1. Nice report Heather. I was at the race trying to help with parking. Seems the temple that had given permission changed there mind race morning because they had events later. Oh well at least it worked out. Read with interest your previous post (as an event manager it was a most read). My guess is they talked to you as a witness before giving just $75. Sounds cheaper than a permit. Art holds some good no frills old school type trail races that this market needs. I hope he is successful with the rest of the season. I'll be at some more either volunteering or running depending on work, event work and school (plus the wife!!). Good luck with your running and hey another blog for me to follow as I do with some of the other Chicago Bloggers. Hmm wonder if mine is part of that group hmmm

    1. Hi Ian! Yeah that was the feeling I got when they shooed us out of the temple parking. I'm sure everyone all around was irritated, which is unfortunate - hopefully if we get to race there again it'll go smoother, it really was a beautiful trail.

      I sincerely hope so too, I've really enjoyed the MM races I've gone to so far. Monday was definitely a freaky event for me but I have had a lot of fun so far and can't wait to go through the series. They are definitely a lot more laid back than other local races, and not that I haven't had fun at other events - I wouldn't race if they weren't fun - but I really, really love the atmosphere at these races!

  2. for sliding in the mud you did awesome!

  3. That's awesome!! Trail runs are hard for sure!!

    Two trail races ago I broke my pinky, so be careful out there!! It can get crazy!!

    Living close to races is always nice, I'm always for sleeping in on race day!

    1. They are but they are so much fun!

      And oh no! I wondered what happened - ouch!!

      This is only the second I've been close to - I was also close to the Long Grove Turkey Trot. It's nice!!