Sunday, March 23, 2014

Training 3.17.14

Monday 3/17 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 3/18 - Run || 3 miles || 26:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Went for 3! Felt tired, not digging it too much.

Wednesday 3/19 - Rest
My husband's last day home before being out of town for a few days, boo. I should have gotten a run in since I'm indoor bound for a bit, but I wanted the time with him.

Thursday 3/20- Run || 2 miles || 20:11, 10:05p || 40*. felt like 35*
First mile in 9:42, second in 10:29, really wasn't feeling this run; had planned two sub-10 miles but was just MEH at forcing myself to go fast. Did this in a tshirt and capris since I had to get out of the house fast to fit it in (my husband came home unexpectedly for lunch before leaving for his trip in the afternoon, so it was go like that or don't go...and I went...and it was cold! But it was only 20 minues..)

Friday 3/21-  Rest
A beautiful day that I wanted soooo badly to go run, but I had both kids, a lone, by myself, so no way to go out for a run. Can I say BOO? :(

Saturday 3/22- Run || 3 miles || 36:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Treadmill is better than no run, right?

Sunday 3/23 - Run || 8 miles || 1:33:44, 11:43p || 29*, felt like 28*
Ran with my husband! So very strange that this felt like a slow run to me - and that I had to slow down to let him keep up. It used to be I was always chasing after him..

Total: 16 miles run. Should have been 19, but I skipped a run day. Oh well! I also skipped cross training. Off week will go better. Two weeks til Lincoln!


  1. It sounds like a great week! I love that feeling when your runs start seeming so slow, but your pace is actually improved so much!

    1. Thank you! I am starting to get excited. This has been a great running month :)