Friday, April 25, 2014

Do you wanna run outside now (Frozen parody)

(Clearly, I have children, and they are my primary source of interaction.)

So this meme went around some of the running FB pages yesterday:

I'd love to credit this but it has no credit and I'm not sure who made it! :( Suffice it to say, not me...

And it just took off in my head, my imagination re-writing the song. I woke up singing my own version. So here's my own parody of Do you wanna build a snowman!

Do you wanna run outside now?

Do you wanna run outside now?
Come on, let’s go and run!
We never take pics anymore
Come out the door
It’s like your running’s done

We used to run together
And now we don’t
I wish you would tell me why

Do you wanna run outside now
(It doesn’t have to be a fast run)

Okay bye….

Do you wanna run outside now
Or take a jog down to the park
I think some company is over due
I’ve started talking to the seconds on my watch
(Hang in there legs)

It gets a little lonely
All these treadmill runs
Just watching the time tick by
(tick tock tick tock tick tock)

Please, I know you’re in there
I’ve been wondering where you’ve been
They say “Try biking,” and I might like to,
But I don’t have a bike
I’d rather run

You were my running buddy
It was you and me
What am I gonna do?

Do you wanna run outside now…

Kim's recent training log mentioned she hasn't had to run solo in over a month and boy was I jealous. All of my runs lately are solo, with the stroller, or on the treadmill...I used to run regularly with my husband but two kids put a damper on that, obviously, especially while one is teeny. Apparently...I miss it! Running is always great - but it does get a bit lonely!


  1. Aww... I hope you get an outdoor run with company soon! I like your version of the song :)

    1. Thank you! I don't know why my brain came up with it lol!

  2. I love it!! Pretty soon you will have two who will go running with you :)

    1. Yes! I am looking forward to my 5K with my daughter next weekend :)

  3. It seems like our paces match up (they were exactly the same today!), so it's too bad we don't live closer to run together. Some of us run in a Lake County forest preserve after work, would something like that ever work out?

    1. I know! No one else around me really runs my pace - it's part of why I love reading about your running.

      Which forest preserve do y'all run in?

  4. Are there any local clubs you could run with? Do any of your neighbors run? And you are really close to where Anne works, like she mentioned, so you could maybe meet with her! :)

    Thanks for the shout out! Sorry it made you jealous!

    1. There's a moms group in my area but we haven't been able to match up yet because of my daughter's schedule! Boo.

      That would be really cool!

      Haha, don't be!