Sunday, April 27, 2014

Training 4.21.14

Monday 4/21 - Walk || 2.5 miles || 50:00
Walking my daughter to and from preschool!

Elliptical || 1.74 miles || 20 minutes, 11:29p || Circuit 1 level 3
Feeling tired and the pace shows it. Can't decide if I should have skipped this or not but feel better for having done it..

Tuesday 4/22 - Run || 3 miles || 36:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
I won't say these feel easy now but I can tell how much stronger I am now - these don't make me feel like I'm about to die anymore.

Wednesday 4/23 - Run || 4 miles || 41:30 minutes, 10:21p || 52*, felt like 49*
Stroller run. Miles was cranky but settled immediately into the stroller! Win/win, and it was nice out too. Splits 10:41, 10:26, 10:21, 9:58.

Thursday 4/24 - Walk || 2.5 miles || 45:00
Walking my daughter to and from preschool!

Run || 3 miles || 36:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals 
Was planning on a stroller run but fell asleep when I was putting the baby down for a nap, so treadmill in the evening it was!

Friday 4/25 - Walk || 2.5 miles || 45:00
Walking my daughter to and from preschool!

 The look on my face is not a comment on how gorgeous it was outside.

Run || 4 miles || 48:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals 
Another stroller run that didn't happen...Miles had a rough day while his sister was at school, so homebound it was.

Saturday 4/26 - Run || 6 miles || 1:01:57, 10:19p || 51*, felt like 48*
Despite the pace this felt like a lousy run - my legs felt tired and heavy, and I had to walk a minute in the 5th and 6th mile. I'm not sure if I was just tired or if I was just pushing the pace too much - I wasn't intentionally pushing it, was aiming for comfortable actually. I think since I felt so off I wrote off discomfort to that instead of realizing it was pace, because I wasn't looking at my watch. Splits 10:37, 10:19, 10:01, 9:46, 10:41, 10:28. And now that I look at those I think I was pushing pace too much. Oops!

Sunday 4/27 - Run || 4.15 miles || 46:22, 11:09p || 50*, felt like 45*
Got to run with my husband, plus baby in the stroller! My head refuses to accept that I'm faster than him right now since he used to be so much faster than me...very strange to need to force myself to slow to down to stay next to him when I used to have to chase him! He paced this run. Splits 11:07/11:08/11:25/11:09/1:28.

Total:24.15 miles run, 1.74 miles ellipticalled, 7.5 miles walked. Tired on the weekend but that had less to do with running and more to do with my husband being out most of the week so I was on my own with the kids. Onwards and upwards!

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