Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last minute racing and other random bits

I love it when races do free race photos! Embrace the Race just posted their race pics on FB; that's my best friend and I escorting my daughter across the finish line of her race last week. Doesn't she look thrilled? Haha.

So according to my race calendar, I had my biggest racing gap of the year - no races until June 15th! But apparently the universe is as happy to have me racing as I am, because on May 7 Muddy Monk put up a contest for a free race entry to the Tryon Trail Race 10k (part of a 5/10/50k) asking why beer is the perfect recovery drink. And promptly forgot I entered.

Well, I got an email last night from them that I won but they wanted to make sure I could go since it's far from me. But who am I to turn down a race? And this one looks really cool; if I'm reading it right there's even a really cool medal. This is the most last minute I've ever added a race to my schedule though - usually I plan at least a few weeks in advance (barring my first actual 5K, which my husband talked me into ... haha). I'm really excited though, I read a race report from someone who did the ultra last year (which is 5 loops of the 10k loop I'll be doing) and the trail sounds really beautiful. Something about going into a house built into the ground...I'll be sure to take pics! Plus the weather should be upper 40s/low 50s - sounds fabulous to me.

And in other news, I can already tell I am going to be a complete wack job during marathon training. I'm already paranoid about injury; I did a workout this week that left my body sore in a good way, but when I woke up Wednesday - scheduled to run 5 - I freaked, because my calves were sore and "Crap is this DOMS or did I hurt my calf again? WAH!" Rather than risk injuring myself before Chicago training even starts (3 more weeks!) I rested. was just soreness. I could have run. If I am this bad before training has even started, how bad am I going to be DURING the training cycle? I apologize in advance for any unnecessary panic evidenced on the blog during this time.


  1. I'd rather you are too cautious than not cautious enough. You saw my struggle, and I'm sure many others like mine. I don't want that for you. You've always been much better to your body than I, therefore I have complete confidence you will do great. I'd worry if you weren't worrying even a little. With that said, you will do wonderfully. History has proven that <3.

    1. I sure hope so! But I am good at paranoia. <3

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    1. Thanks Lindy! I thought it was pretty awesome myself!