Friday, May 2, 2014

Looking back, and looking forward!

Dear April,

You were a fantastic month for me. Let's do it again next year, okay?


Honestly, April really was a fabulous month. It was not my highest mileage month - March was - but it included plenty of running (a mix of solo, stroller, treadmill, races, and even a run with my husband!).

This includes miles both walked and run but still, loving it! 82 miles run in April, 110 in March!

Some highlights:

Looking forward, I have big goals for May. Not PRs, as I only have two races (and one of them is being walk/run with my 5 year old - and the other is a trail race!), but it's going to be an important month. First, I really want to get more runs with people in. I am shy which makes it hard but I can so do this. I joined an MRTT chapter and I am going to try to attend group runs at least once a week.

And...Training for the Chicago Marathon begins June 9...and I am SO ready, but also, SO not ready! The first long run is 8 miles and I know I can do it, but my goal is for that first long run to feel easy, so I want a really good, solid weekly mileage base going in. I would like to end up with around 25-30 MPW, which would put me back where I was around the end of March.

I'll be using the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan - mostly because I am just coming off a HM training cycle, so even though this is my first marathon, I have a fairly solid base going in.

Gosh, June 9 seems so very very close!


  1. you know V started last year in the summer with the walk2run program. His very first 5k was the eggshellshuffle. Granted he was almost 6...

    Our Dick Ponds store has a stroller run on Wednesdays..I know it is far for you, but in case other stores do the same thing.

    1. I'm trying to go to group runs with my local moms group but it's tough to coordinate around my daughter's schedule too!

  2. What is MRTT? I am happy you are going to get more runs in with people?

    LOL, I am laughing, reading this old post after your new post worrying about which plan to follow. Sorry - I am a bit behind!

    1. What, me change my mind?! Haha! Never...umm...every day? Twice a day? I still feel like I should do Intermediate because I have a good solid base but...I am a novice, too! Ah!

      Moms Run This Town- figured the stroller would be apropos there!