Thursday, May 22, 2014

Technology musing...FR10 versus FR405

This post got really long. Sorry!

I have a garmind FR10 (pink, obviously...when did I become so girly?).  It was an anniversary gift from my husband when I started running and really one of the nicest, most useful gifts I've ever gotten.

It even matches my shoes!

I was recently gifted a used garmin 405, which I am very excited by because I realized when I signed up for a marathon that my FR10 was not going to do what I needed...its battery life is maxed at 5. I knew I needed a new solution.

Theoretically, I could have a marathon that is sub-5. I seem to keep getting faster, so it's possible. But, I am not setting a time goal for my first marathon - the goal is, as several of you reminded me, to get to the finish line in piece. And, I can't count on that. Which means I can't count on my FR10. Sure, I could run it blind and just let the battery die with a couple miles to go...but realistically, that would drive me insane. For one thing, I want the data, but for another...I want it while I'm running. There have also been some recent concerns about how accurate it is, which makes sense, since it's the budget model.

The 405 has a much better battery life and will definitely see me through the marathon. It has some nice perks; 8 hour battery, and it's foot-pod compatible which would mean no more guessing how far I'm running on my treadmill (FR10s aren't ant+ so no hrm or foot pod). But it didn't come with the ant+ stick which I am guessing, after looking into it a bit, is because a common problem with the 405s is they stop connecting to the ant sticks...which means I can't download any of the data on the watch, off of it. I can still buy a footpod and figure out how far I've gone on my treadmill. (Perk!) I can wear it for the marathon and have it record my whole run. (Perk!)

I am super grateful for the 405 - can't express it! If I could get data off of it, I'd switch over and simply mourn my FR10.  (Because you know, fashion. Actually, sentiment, since it's from my husband, but fashion sounds funnier.)

But since I can't, now I'm unsure what to do. As far as I can tell I have a few options:

  1. Switch everything to the 405 and just forget downloading the data. I can enter it manually into MMR and DM and MFP. Pros: Consistency, not having to remember which watch to grab. Cons: Grabbing my splits will be a pain, no elevation data ever.
  2. Switch only long runs and treadmill runs to the 405 and use my pretty pink watch for midweek runs that are outside. Pros: Elevation data for midweek runs, mileage for treadmill runs, practice for marathon. Cons: Inconsistency - did I remember to log my mileage? Did I grab the right watch? 
  3. Get a new watch. Pros: Get everything I want for every run. Cons: Money! Not really in the budget. And would I sell my FR10?! I was just given this shiny 405!

The last option is really just me dreaming (although the BIA looks really really shiny...SOS alert, loooong battery life...not footpod compatible yet but...shiny!). I will probably go with #2 although I feel like #1 makes more sense. Sentiment!


  1. You, forget to log your data? Is that a joke? ;)

    #2, while you are evaluating #3. See how it goes. The choice will make itself.

    1. Hah! Yes, I know, OCD. But it happens, because I have 3 different places to log right now all for different reasons because they all do different things for me. None of them do everything and I won't compromise! And I do, hence the error with my monthly mileage graphic lol.

      If the watch uploaded to MMR I wouldn't have an issue, I'd just make myself switch. Since it doesn't it's more complicated.

      And I know, #3. But it really isn't in the budget right now, especially if I am too sentimental to sell my FR10.