Friday, May 9, 2014

Throwback Friday

So today we're going on a little journey called Throwback Thursday  Friday. (I'm not late, I'm just quirky. Yeah.)

It's not my two year runniversary yet, I'm jumping the gun, but, I'm feel introspective about how far I've come. That inevitably leads to thoughts of where I started!

My first run was Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K, on August 1, 2012. The month before, I started my weightloss journey and they were separate, but being able to lose weight made me realize that not everything was impossible as I'd always thought. I had always believed I couldn't run, and I wanted to prove that I could. Not because I liked running, but because I had a bucket list to work on - and a 5K was on that list! I had just spent July doing the 30 Day Shred, so I needed a new fitness goal.

That first day was SO hard. It was hot, and I was mortified being out there...I changed my path as I went along to avoid people! Haha. I would count down as I went...the fourth interval was great because it meant I was half done! When I got inside I told my husband I was still going through with it, but I forgot something - I hated running! It sucked. Big time. I was so slow and it was so fricking hard.

But I signed up for my first 5K - the Brookfield Zoo Zoo Run Run on 9/23. (Yes, that's really the name, haha!) With a goal in sight, I progressed through the weeks, mostly still hating it.

Something weird happened though. Week 5 - when we jumped from running 8 minutes at a time to 20 - changed something. I started totally loving it.

I was still nervous about my first 5K, and somehow, my husband talked me into doing one sooner - the Race Judicata on 9/14. And let me tell you - it went /awful/. (And that had nothing to do with me running in it an old tshirt and yoga pants.) I forgot everything at home - my ipod, my heart rate monitor, my chapstick...even my hairband! (This is what happens when I have to go to the city by myself...) I got confused during the race and stopped running at what I thought was the halfway point, discouraged because it had been 25 minutes and how could I only be halfways? It turned out the turnabout point was much further than the map made it look and I was almost to mile 2, but by the time I figured it out I couldn't get going again. I was walking when the finish line came into sight! I finished in 40:18, irritated with myself and eager to redeem my experience. My husband finished in 30:23.

And yet the next race - my Zoo Run Run - really didn't go much better. I finished in 39:45 - an improvement, but I had expected to be much better.

Ready for my second 5K! Yoga pants and all! But hey, I upgraded to a tech top - which I was REALLY excited over!

Somehow, though, I was hooked on racing...instead of crossing something off my bucket list and moving on, I had only added things to my bucket list...10K, 10 mile, HM...

When I finished my third 5K - feeling like I was about to puke! - in 36:59, a month later, something had really clicked. I was really, really having fun out there and was eager to go further. A week later I did my first 10K in 1:17:08 - my husband finished only 10 minutes before me, which felt great considering he also finished 10 minutes before in my first 5K! As a bonus, I got a finisher medal - my first medal that started my addiction to race bling.

My eye roved to the Perfect 10, a 10 mile race on my 29th birthday. I'll be honest - I probably wasn't ready to be running distance. But I was SO eager and I got out there and I did it! ...slowly. But I DID it!

A few weeks later my husband did his first half marathon and I was so jealous. I wanted to be out there! But my first wouldn't come until January, when I ran the Polar Dash. Instead, I ran an 8K in absolutely gorgeous weather - the Long Grove Turkey Trot. I felt strong and loved being able to be out there, although I remember at the point where the 5K and 8K people split off, I wondered why I hadn't opted for the 5K!

Still in yoga pants, but really loving being out there.

Two months and lots of training later, I would run my first half. I sobbed hysterically at that finish line, because I had changed so much. I wasn't the girl who couldn't run anymore...I was a woman who had worked hard to help her body become strong and healthy.

And I even smiled! ...still in those yoga pants. Which I refused to acknowledge were too big :P
 Of course, what we didn't know was that someone was banditing that race. I'd gained a little stow-away that weekend.

And thus would begin my adventures in pregnant running...but those at least are well documented on this blog!

So that's my running story. What's yours?


  1. What a great story! I felt similar when I started running. I didn't know it would be so hard! I also remember that jump to 20 minuted in the Couch to 5k program and I had such a hard time with the jump. I thought they were crazy.

  2. What a great story!! I have a similar story, and like most runners I ran just to lose weight...and I HATED first!

    After a long time I started to love it and I'm still going strong today!

    1. It's a good thing to fall in love with. It's funny, it's not like it's always easy now and what I hated was that it was so hard but...hey!