Sunday, May 4, 2014

Training 4.28.14

Monday 4/28 - Rest
I didn't take one last week so figured I'd better today!

Tuesday 4/29 - Rest
Baby didn't sleep well the night before so I barely slept...could barely stay awake, much less run!

Wednesday 4/30 - Run || 4 miles || 48:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Felt SO freaking fantastic during this run, and it's not a feeling I usually associate with the treadmill...maybe my new running skirt came with extra endorphins!

Actually, I can't remember if this was Wednesday or Friday's run. Oops.

Thursday 5/1 - Run || 5.04 miles || 52:34, 10:25p || 48*, felt like 45* and drizzly
I was hoping this would feel as good as yesterday's run but I wore capris so maybe it IS a magic skirt! Stroller run. Splits 10:49, 10:32, 10:30, 10:34, 9:41, :25...umm, I had to sprint to my car....

While I tend to believe I'm brighter than average, I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate this picture I uploaded. Whoops.

Friday 5/2 - Run || 4 miles || 44:00, 11:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals 
Another stroller run that didn't happen...Miles is having a rough go of this cold, but he was happy to play with his sister while I ran this afternoon. 

The view from the treadmill!

Saturday 5/3 - Run || 4.63 miles || 52:33, 11:21p || 65*, felt like 63*
My legs felt heavy and tired and I just felt HOT! Yuck. This was supposed to be my long run but I felt so tired I cut it short - first run I've cut short in a long, long time. Did have the baby in the stroller but just felt hot and tired and ended up covered with yucky crusty sweat. Splits 11:21, 11:02, 10:50, 11:09, 8:07.

Sunday 5/4 - Run || 7 miles || 1:17:35, 11:05p || 50*, felt like 50*
I played this one really conservatively after totally bonking yesterday's run - maybe too conservatively! I had Miles again (it was that or no long run) and I still felt tired, but a whole lot better than yesterday, and I've never gone so far with the stroller! Splits were not even, even though I was aiming for it - the park I was running in was pretty hilly so the faster miles were the ones with less hills. Splits 11:42, 11:08, 11:17, 10:42, 11:00, 10:46, 10:53. 

Total:24.67 miles run. All runs were treadmill or stroller. Sunday was supposed to be a group run but I woke up late. Derp! So - no me time, and no social time either...oops! At least I got the miles in!


  1. Running skirts are full of magic endorphins!!! ;)

    Hard miles you had there! Good job!!

    1. They must be! Although to be fair my run I cut short was also in a new skirt!

    2. I didn't say they had endless magic. You must budget their magic. *giggle*

  2. need a picture of this magical skirt

    1. It's just a black c9 skirt but I felt totally cute in it!