Sunday, May 25, 2014

Training 5.19.14

Monday 5/19 - Walk || 5 miles || 1:30:00, 18:00p || 65*, felt like 65*
Walking to and from preschool to pick up and drop off. Our last baby is going to be a kinder student soon! :(

Tuesday 5/20 - Run || 3 miles || 32:26, 10:48p || 81* and sunny
First really hot run. YUCK! Splits 11:03, 10:33, 10:43. Dripping sweat. Yuck. Did I mention yuck? I liked the vortex better.

Hot. Yuck! :(

Wednesday 5/21 - Run || 5 miles || 52:52, 10:34p || 64*-67 and foggy for the first 4 miles, sunny the last
Got up super early to beat the heat. My legs felt really tired the first couple miles but I found my groove the last couple. This was definitely easier than yesterday but still warm enough that I needed to pause for water twice, which my splits reflect. Splits 11:04, 10:31, 10:43, 10:08, 10:20. Guess which miles I took a water break in!

Red winged blackbird refusing to pose for me.

Thursday 5/22 - Run || 3 miles || 29:18, 9:46p || 55-57*, felt like 60* at the end
Gorgeous run - second day getting up early to beat the heat. My legs didn't feel quite so tired but it was also cooler. Splits 10:21, 9:36, 9:21.

Friday 5/23 - Elliptical || 4.59 miles || 45, 9:48p || 30 min course 1 level 3, 15 min course 2 level 4
Stressful day - needed to sweat it out! 

Saturday 5/24 - Run || 9 miles || 1:42:40, 11:24p || 55*-60* and sunny
Group run with MRTT! I won't break down the splits because I wasn't pacing it, but I ran the first half with my running group (they were doing 10 - I had only done up to 7 with the baby before so didn't want to push it and have to death march to the end). The second half went okay until mile 7, when Miles started getting fussy. I forget that when it comes to stroller running, it isn't just me who needs to work up to the distance. Sorry little one! 

I think he forgives me!

Sunday 5/25 - Rest
Rest day! :)

Total: 20 miles run,  5 miles walked, 4.59m ellipticalled. Felt much better this week!


  1. Solid week Heather! Is the vortex to blame for the heat now too? Haha!

    1. Hah! I have no idea. But the vortex was more fun to run in than this heat!

  2. Great week! I promised myself I wouldn't complain about the heat after the Winter we had but it's getting tough.

    1. I got tired of the snow but the cold I could totally live with!