Monday, May 12, 2014

Two kids, two races, one weekend - part 2: Embrace the Race Recap

So the weekend started off with part 1 of my two kids/two races adventure in Mokena, where I ran the I Heart Momma trail race with my son in the stroller. Sunday was Mother's Day, so rather than sleep in with breakfast in bed, we got up early to head to Embrace the Race 5K, where I was going to run with my daughter for her first 5K.

Things started out great; despite the early hour she was very excited to get ready for her race, which she'd been talking about for months and for which we'd logged plenty of hours walk/running together. We couldn't totally match, but we dressed as close as we could - running skirts with teal and white, the race shirt (which by the way was unfortunately lousy for how expensive this 5K is, it's pretty rough and see-through), and knee high socks. We were also running with my best friend April, but she's not shown in the outfit picture here.

Mama, I'm so cute!

The drive to the race was pretty uneventful other than realizing we'd forgotten to bring with my daughter's breakfast, which necessitated figuring out an alternative but that really wasn't a big deal. We got there around 7:45 and met my twin aunts and cousin - one of the twins was running the 10K, the other was "walking" the 5K with my 7 year old cousin. (I put that in quotes because he decided to run, which meant his mom was chasing him the whole course...oops!) After a quick pic we cheered my aunt Jody on as she started the 10K and waited for the start. At this point my daughter was still really excited.

Clearly, my cousin wasn't keen on the photo op.

The gun went off and we were off! The first half mile seemed okay at the time although looking back I wonder if I let her run too fast. I slowed her down, but she was so excited! We saw Daddy around the .5 mark and hammed it up for the camera, then on we went.


With a third of a mile left to the 1m mark, Lily's cheeks were pink and she started saying she was bored and not wanting to run. We brought out the little pack of sports beans for her, because I was thinking maybe with the way breakfast had been screwed up (bad mommy!) she just didn't have enough energy, but it didn't seem to make a difference. We started cutting down the run intervals and upping the walk intervals. By the end of the first mile, which came in around 15 minutes, we were down to run .15 and walk .1.

Her cheeks were getting pink though and as much as she was telling me she was having fun, she sure didn't look like it. We cut the intervals down to walk .1 and run .1, with occasional longer breaks. April and I cheered and talked but by the end of the second mile poor kiddo was officially a grump. Mile 2 was around 17 1/2.

The beginning of the last mile was a nice downhill in the shade which she seemed to enjoy, but then came the huge hill (I knew it from the North Shore Half last year and was shocked to see it in the 5K course - I've run the cupid 10k twice, same company, and know they can avoid that....I didn't understand why they included that in the route...). We walked the whole thing and for a bit afterward, but as soon as the hill was over she started saying she wanted to be done and then when we said that wasn't possible - there was 1/2 a mile left and we had to finish it whether we walked or ran it, we were stuck by this point - she was just over it. A total grump. She said she wanted to run more to finish instead of walking more but physically I think she was just done. We'd gone as far as 2.5 miles in training which I thought had been far enough, but I think between her being off that day and it being sunnier and warmer than we'd been training in, she was just physically done. Mile 3 came in around 18ish and our end time was 50:56.

I am really, really proud of my girl. Despite the grumps she did it and she is proud of herself, and she was the youngest runner there.  And a few minutes after the race she was perked back up, although she was grumpy the whole day. I think in the end it was a combo of her being a grump and it being warmer than we were used to, plus I do think I let her start out running too fast. I didn't think we were going that fast but with it being warmer looking back I do think I should have held her back more.

I don't know if I will say yes to her request to run  more in the future, I had worried she was too small to run this and I do think this was too much for her, plus it is kind of expensive if you don't enjoy it! If I can find a shorter race for her to do maybe we will, but I think the 5K was just a bit too much. I am very proud of her though!

She's proud too, though my cousin is less impressed!


  1. Awww, I love that you guys did this together! Hard day for a 5K though with the heat and that HILL! That dreaded hill. They have to get it in all their races, don't they?!

    1. She has been so excited to do one with me and this seemed so perfect!

      It was definitely too hot. I didn't think it was going to make that much of a difference to her because she plays outside in the heat all the time but I think it did.

      And I know! I don't get why, there are plenty of ways to avoid it! The Cupid races didn't have it!

  2. Despite everything,I'm sure this was a great of experience for both of you! I ran the 10K. I got a amazon deal that was 2 for the price of one and did it with my mom. As someone not from that area,that hill hit me with a ton of bricks and I wanted to die, on top of it being warmer outside.

    1. We're all really proud of her. She's been asking to do something like this since I started running so it was definitely something she'd been looking forward to.

      I have run in Highland Park three times - once for the North Shore Half and twice for the Cupid's 10k, done by the same company. The hill was in the half, which I get...big course. It was so unnecessary to have it here and I heard a lot of the 10Kers especially unhappy about it, I so don't blame you!

      The warmth didn't help either, the weather forecast had said it would be cooler and drizzly when I'd been watching so the bright sun was no fun, for sure.

  3. i actually saw you guys after the race when i was eating at rose's bakery! i hit my boyfriend's shoulder and was like "i read her blog!" your daughter looked so cute in her running outfit, and i think it's awesome that you ran together.

    i did the 10k, and could have cried at the sight of the hill. i've NEVER run up a hill because i live down in lincoln park, so i had no idea how to tackle it, so i just walked. the heat was also unexpected and not appreciated during the race, but i definitely loved it later in the day haha

    1. That's too funny! And thank you, I thought she was adorable!

      That hill was just brutal :( And the heat was definitely much nicer later...haha!

  4. OMG you two looked adorable and did amazing! Sorry the shirt was crapola. That's a nice area for a race

  5. to put some things into perspective...V's first 5k was the EggShell Suffle last year, he was 5...almost 6. But still 5. we finished in 48 or 49 was a disaster..Then we started up with the walk to run group and honestly he had a lot of days (then 6) he had a hard time. Then things clicked at about 6.5 and he now loves it. I think a lot has to do with our running friends. But give her time, don't give her a way out. It is expensive. We don't do as many races as we want to due to this.