Friday, June 6, 2014

Garmin FAIL! Derp.

Here's a nice WWYD, bloggerland...that foot pod I bought to go with my 405, that I was so excited about because I thought I'd be able to stop guessing the pace I was running at and instead have data from each run?

Well, turns out they don't work so well for manual treadmills. As in, the best it could pick up was that I was running 40 minute miles. Now, I realize I'm not exactly an elite runner, and that machine is tough so I am a bit slower on it than I normally would be, but...I am pretty sure I am not that slow. When I posted on the garmin forum it turns out that because of how you have to use manual treadmills the foot pod just isn't going to pick it up well, if it at all.

Fail! :(


Now, I will likely be inheriting some money from my aunt's estate. Most of it is going to go towards our savings account, but I was also going to get myself a present...I rarely spend money on myself but, this seems like a good time. I was initially going to get a Bia I've been lusting after; the long battery life will get me through the marathon (unlike my f10), it's small enough to not be huge and bulky on my wrist (unlike the 405).

But with the fail of the foot pod (anyone want to buy one? Haha) it occurred to me I might be better off just investing in a regular treadmill. It will give me a distance read out, allow me to do speed workouts at home, and allow me to vary my at-home runs more than I currently can (ie, they don't all have to be hill intervals).

My husband - though he isn't against it - points out that even if my brain doesn't get the numbers from my treadmill workouts, my body is still getting a good workout. And objectively, I agree with him. I know that's true. And if nothing else it's worked so far. I could then either get the Bia, or invest in a small stationary bike for some cross training. (I have my elliptical, but variety is good!)

What would you do? Indulge the need for numbers? Run after a shiny new gadget? Or go after a new form of cross training? Decisions, decisions?


  1. I almost bought one of those Garmin pods and was talked out of it by the guy at REI. My first instinct is to say get the mill. But maybe the BIA is a better answer. Lots of help I am!

    1. Bia is so sleek! Exciting! New! Top of the line!

      Treadmill is so much more practical though. And the 405 battery willll get me through the marathon....

      Why did REI talk you out of it? I don't plan on using it, I only wanted it for the manual treadmill so I'd know a real guess on how far I was going, but I am not sophisticated enough to track cadence and stuff. Lol!

  2. I don't know what I'd do!

    I have a friend that has a Bia and has mixed feelings about it.

    Here is the link to her product review, and she'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have I'm sure!!!

    1. Yeah, reviews are mixed, but I love how good their customer service has been and the SOS feature...I am such a paranoid runner, well, person I guess. The SOS feature seems so nice!