Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Last year I had to walk to celebrate as my OB had already grounded me, but this year I woke up early to celebrate with 5 beautiful rainy miles. It was a wonderful way to remind myself how far I've come, when I can comfortably not only hold but continue to speed up a pace that last year was only a pipe dream. My warmup mile today was 10:26 - last year that would be faster than my fastest all out mile, by a significant amount. My 5th mile was a 9:12, and that was far beyond the realm of possibility - last year. Today it was a comfortably hard fast finish, with the rest of the run just a touch past easy. (Hal Higdon says easy runs T/Th, pace runs Wednesday? I have never run a marathon so I have no idea what my race pace is, so I am just pushing it a bit on Wednesdays and keeping T/Th easy.)

So it's June! Looking back, May was a pretty good month. Far from my highest mileage because I was trying to get used to the schedule I'd be running on for marathon training, but it had some good highlights:

83.32 miles run in May! (The rest walked and ellipticalled.)

So, May was pretty solid for me! June is exciting; this weeks starts training for the Chicago marathon, and I have a 15K on the calender for next week (I've never run before!). My June goals are:

  • Follow my training plan without getting overzealous and hurting myself
  • Have fun at Wholly Hell 15K
  • Try to run with company 3-4 times, be it my husband or group runs with MRTT or maybe even branch out some more! (Oooh, that would take even more bravery.)

So how was your May? And are you running for National Running Day today?


  1. we ran tonight was so great seeing our running peeps. Keep going..running peeps are the best!

  2. Great summary... excited you have been doing Muddy Monk's races.. they are great! Hope to see you around this summer.

    1. They are lots of fun! I am nervous about next week's because it's so long and they're starting it so late but...they're fun!

  3. NICE May mileage!!
    I think you are approaching it correctly. Over the coming weeks you will see what kind of pace is comfortable for you and which is really pushing it so you can just adjust that accordingly. :)

    1. Thank you! I am kind of winging it but having fun :)