Sunday, June 29, 2014

Training 6.23.14 - Chicago Marathon W4

Monday 6/23 - Rest
Monday rest day, much needed after Sunday's race!

Tuesday 6/24 - Run || 3 miles || 31:00, 10:20p || 75* and HUMID
So humid. So hot. Yuck! Splits 10:47/10:10/10:00.  3/62.6

Wednesday 6/25 - Run || 5 miles || 48:30, 9:39p || 57-59* and foggy but humid
Weird run. I contemplated cutting it short the first mile, I just felt off, but I settled in and got it done. My pace the first mile shows how off I felt, then I settled pace jumped for mile 3 and I wasn't sure why so I made myself slow down, but looking at my fifth mile maybe I should have just gone with it! Splits 10:47/10:05/9:07/9:25/8:41.  8/67.6

Thursday 6/26 - Run || 3 miles || 31:30, 10:30p || Treadmill
Treadmill day. I decided that even if I'm slower on the treadmill than on the road I don't think I'm 40s a mile slower - so if I can do 3m in 31m on a very ht humid and sunny day, I can guess about the same on the treadmill, hah.. 11/70.6.

Friday 6/27 - Run || 2 miles || 17:57, 8:59p || 57-59* and foggy but humid
Supposed to be a rest day but the baby had me awake literally half the night and wouldn't let me sleep after 3:30. My husband looked at me, took the baby, and said go run. So I got 2 miles in and felt a lot better. Splits 9:24/8:33.  13/72.6

Saturday 6/28 -  Run || 6 miles || 1:05:02, 10:50p || 79*, sunny with 90% humdity
Crappy run. My cat died the previous night and my head was - understandably - not here. Splits all over the place and by the 5th mile I was taking walk breaks every half a mile. Did not enjoy the heat. But done.. 19/78.6

Sunday 6/29 - Elliptical || 5.67 || 60:00, 10:34p || Course 1 Level 3 x30m, Course 4 Level 3 x30m
Finally did the full hour. Heart wasn't really in it today either. But it's done, and on the plus side, my cross training of choice is endorsed by Hal Higdon himself.

He talked to meeeeeee.

Total: 19 miles run, 5.67 elliptical. Fourth week of Chicago training is done, almost 80 miles logged towards my first marathon! Looking forward to my first double digit long run next week.