Monday, June 16, 2014

Training 6.9.14 - Chicago Marathon W2

Monday 6/9 - Rest
Monday rest days. Antsy!

Tuesday 6/10 - Run || 3 miles || 33:00, 11:00p || Treadmill
Best treadmill run to date; ditched the intervals, put on Dr. Who, and went for it! Felt fabulous. 3/22

Wednesday 6/11 - Run || 5 miles || 47:34, 9:31p || 52* and rainy
Water logged, for the second week in a row my 5 miler was RAINING! I love rainy runs and today it poured. My goal had been to have 3 steady miles with a fast finish after the warmup mile and well - that didn't happen. It was so much cooler than I planned that I shivered through mile 1; mile 2 my shoelace came undone! I did okay the rest but was pushing pace enough that I didn't have a fast-finish in me, but I am still very happy with this run. Splits 9:41/9:52/9:18/9:29/922.  8/27

Thursday 6/12 - Run || 3 miles || 29:54, 9:58p || 57-61*, cloudy but muggy
Legs felt tired; not sure if it's after pushing it on yesterday's run or the humidity but it was definitely humid today. Tried to keep it super easy but the humidity made it hard to feel that way. Splits 10:29/9:55/9:30. 11/30.

Friday 6/13 - Rest

Saturday 6/14 - Rest
I did garden for half an hour (lots of deep squats!) but I had a tough trail run on Sunday so skipped cross this week. Sorry Mr. Higdon!

Sunday 6/15 - Run || 9.62 || 2:06:59, 13:12p || 78* and humid
Wholly Hell 15K! 20.6/39.6

Total: 20.6 miles run, second week of marathon training on the books - 39.6 towards Chicago so far!


  1. You should've called your Wednesday run "Speedy Wet Run!!" You were fast!!

    1. Hah! I felt fast! But the really cold rain was good incentive, lol!