Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Black bird, black bird, sitting in a tree..

...for the love all things holy, will you please stop dive-bombing me?!

So on my FB a month or so ago, I posted a picture of a pretty bird flying away from me, one that I'd been trying to get a good picture of for a while but these birds were so demure and shy I never got close enough.

Well, Kim warned me that they like to attack runners. I sort of shrugged to myself, because these birds were shy! I just couldn't picture them attacking. They were beautiful but very coy.

...folks, I could not have been more wrong. The same cheeky little snit has dive-bombed me twice and whinges at me constantly. Today I thought I was home free when I stared him down and got 10 feet past his tree, but no. As soon as I turned around he smacked me in the head.


Like I was warned, apparently, it's pretty common.

I don't think he can seriously hurt me, but it sure gives you an adrenaline rush...both times he got me he's definitely thrown off my rhythm! From what I can tell there isn't much I can do about it, other than wait for nesting season to end, so I'm mostly just griping, but it did get me many of you are dealing with bird attacks while you run?!


  1. LOL, you really didn't believe me? Ha. There is something you can do - stop running by their nest ;) Red-winged black birds feel threatened by that, so they attack. Once I figure out where they are nesting around me, I try to avoid it, if I can :) They seem to come back to similar spots each year. So watch out if you are running behind the kids' playground at Independence Grove! :P

    1. To my own chagrin. I didn't think you were wrong - more that the birds in my neighborhood were shyer? Lol. Nope...

      Haha I will keep that in mind if I end up there again! And how unfortunate I can expect to see them on this corner again next year, it's hard to avoid and is otherwise my favourite place to run!

    2. While I can't be sure (since we didn't exchange names), I think the redwings that get me this year are the same ones as last. It's the same 2 trees, one bird per tree. It's interesting too because I knew it was coming this year, I was able to pick up on his warnings. He didn't start by dive-bombing me. It started off as him yelling at me for several weeks. Then it escalated to him yelling, flapping wings, and sometimes one would run at me (on the ground) for a week. The next week is when the actual dive-bombs started. They got intense for a while and now seem to be tapering off (or I've been lucky). My point is, mine warn. If yours do too, could come in handy.

  2. Yikes! Every now and then squirrels jump out right in front of me, which startles me (I have a somewhat irrational fear of them), but that's about it.