Monday, July 7, 2014

Training 6.30.14 - Chicago Marathon Week 5

Monday 6/30 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 7/1 - Run || 3 miles || 30:03, 10:01p || 71* and 90 humidity
Humid and hot but I guess I'm getting used to it, this didn't feel...impossible? Splits 10:44/9:51/9:25. 3/81.6

Wednesday 7/2 - Run || 6 miles || 58:53, 9:48p || 61* and breezy - humid but cool
Getting up before the sun rise makes for better runs. This went great, other than the redwinged black bird who attacked me halfway through mile four!! This time I was 10 feet past her tree by the time she dive bombed me. Splits 10:37/10:10/9:40/9:19/9:30/9:25.  9/87.6

And you thought you were safe...quoth the blackbird, nevermore?! 

Thursday 7/3 - Run || 3.1 miles || 29:32, 9:31p || 57-61*, and breezy, chilly but humid
Didn't mean to do 5K, but the baby broke the band on my F10 so I've been using mapmyrun on my phone and my 405, and they...disagree on how far I've run. Nice run though! Splits 10:09/9:37/8:56/0:46. 12/90.7.

Friday 7/4 - Run || 11 miles || 1:52:41, 10:14p || 64* and only 65% humidity! (only!)
Fridays are normally rest days but I had to re-arrange my week to accommodate the 'MERICA 5 mile trail run Friday. Had a great run despite not getting a rest day before it! Splits 10:52/10:44/10:45/10:14/10:17/10:07/9:42/9:45/10:17/9:45/9:43. Mile 9 is so different from 7/8 and 10/11 because I stopped to try to take a picture of an uncooperative bunny. 23/101.7.

Hi, I'm an uncooperative bunny. If you can't see me, that's because I'm UNCOOPERATIVE.

Saturday 7/5 -  Run || 5 miles || 57:58, 11:32p || forgot to check the temps
'MERICA!. 28/106.7

Sunday 7/6 - Rest
Well earned rest!

Total: 28 miles run. With the race this week it ended up being askew from my training plan - I am counting the trail run as my cross since I walk/ran it and it was definitely not like my long run the day before! How am I already done with 5 weeks of training?! 


  1. Great week! Gosh it's been humid. I hear so many stories about those crazy birds.

    1. I know, the humidity is nutty! And thank you!