Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nearly Sane HM - Recap

Wow, this is the latest I've ever done a recap - an entire week late! I think because the overall run was so hard that I kind of shoved the half aside. But, it deserves a post.

So last Sunday, 8/24/14, as part of my 18 miler I ran the Nearly Sane Trail HM hosted by Muddy Monk. It took place on the Des Plaines River Trail.

Because it was part of my 18 miler, I decided initially I'd go there, pick up my packet, run 5, and then run the half. In reality, I got lost going there (my GPS said destination was on the right - and it wasn't, plus the MM flags that usually mark the turns were different this time and my eyes skipped right past them!). The pickup lines were longer than I expected and the portopotty lines were even longer, so I got 3 in ahead of time.

The 3 miles went fine, although I regretted not getting the full 5 in - I knew I'd have a hard time doing two more after, but at least I was smart enough to know I would never have done the full five after! I was okay the first half of the race, although it was hot and humid. (Even with the shade on the DPRT I was struggling though.)

I even smiled on course! Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk.

But after the turn around point, which was about 10 miles on the day for me, I was in a negative place. I walked for 30 seconds at the beginning of every mile because I hated running. It's weird to type that, but the last 6 miles of this race were tough for me. I had a serious discussion with myself about not wanting to do a marathon and wondering what to do with my bib.

I think this was actually the beginning of the race, but whatever. Picture. Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk.

The last mile I walked 3 times. I can't even remember the last time I had a mile I needed to walk that much, and I'm pretty sure it was all mental - I was struggling with the heat, but the real battle was in my head. I never wanted to run again! When I saw the finish line, I was ready to be done, and I booked it in.

DONE! Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk.

After a quick pit stop to fill up my water, I tried to do my last 2 miles. I got one in and then my garmin died. Despite having a five hour battery life, supposedly. DEAD. Dead dead deadsky. And, even better, it did not save my run data like it usually does when the battery goes. Some colourful swearing ensued. To calm myself down, I drove home, which was about ten minutes, and then did my 1 mile loop around my house.

So, this run kind of sucked. Not the fault of MM; the race was well organized, the water stops were excellent, and the portopotty halfway through was appreciated. I had enough water. But man, I was ready to quit running forever. In retrospect, it was the humidity. I don't like it, and I am ready for summer running to be over. But, I did get 18 miles in! That's a lot. And I got a medal for it. Which is cool.

Is it fall yet?


  1. Way to squeeze those miles in Heather! This weather is no fun for running at all.

    1. It isn't! I felt like I mostly did okay this summer but the past two weeks have been rough!

  2. I ran that day too, and I also felt like death. But yes, it was all the humidity's fault! Everyone I know wanted to quit running that day, so we can just blame it on the weather and move on.

    1. I agree! I feel much better about it now. But man was I feeling all the feelings about that run, haha.