Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Training 8.11.14 - Chicago Marathon W11

Monday 8/11 - Rest
Monday rest day. I meant to do the cross training I skipped yesterday but I was still really tired from the half.

Tuesday 8/12 - Run || 4 miles || 45:12, 11:18p || 63* and 90 humidity
My legs were sort of like, say whaaaaat?! Got 'em done but slowwww. I really should have done the cross training because my legs felt so much better by the end of this run. Splits 12:07/11:23/11:02/10:37. 4/242.8

Wednesday 8/13 - Run || 8 miles || 1:24:35, 10:34p || 55* 80% humidity
Weird run with bathroom pitstops and trains and such but got it done, kept it easy, felt great...when did 8 become easy? Didn't do pace run this week to recover from the half last week.  12/250.8

Thursday 8/14 - Run || 5 miles || 56:15, 11:15p || 70*, and 50 humidity
Got to run with my husband! Was really nice to run with him. 17/255.8.

Friday 8/15 - Rest
Friday rest day.

Saturday 8/16 -  Run || 17 miles || 3:10:23, 11:11p || 70*, and 85 humidity
The first 14 miles were pretty good - I kept it really slow since I know I'm not totally recovered from last week's half. The last 3 were tough and I had to walk for a minute every 1/2 mile the last mile and a half...but that's way better than my 15 miler went! I think the last few miles were hard because the shade all went away. Darn sun! 34/272.8

Sunday 8/17- Cross Train || 2.75 miles || 30min || Course 1, Level 3
Learned my lesson last week - legs feel much more sore without the cross training after the long run.

Total: 34 miles run, 2.75 elliptical! That 17 was easier than my half..


  1. Aww, how awesome you got to run with your husband!

    WTG on your 17! I hear you on the sun killing you! Are you running DPRT? It's almost 100% shaded and perfect for summer LRs!

    1. It was really nice! The miles went so fast.

      No I've just been running around my neighborhood! I've never run on the DPRT so I was afraid to go there by myself for the first time. The Nearly Sane half this weekend is there so I may do my 19 miler there. I keep hearing it's great though but I get lost so easily, I am so afraid to go anywhere new by myself.

    2. It's just one trail, unless you get off at one of the forest preserves. You would have to try hard to get lost :) And don't be afraid! There are lots of friendly people on the trail!

    3. That's good to know! And haha if it's possible I would do it, but I'm excited to try it. My husband and I are running our 20 together, we are talking about doing it there. Let's see, am I brave enough to try it for 19...haha. We'll see!

      ...yes, I am a TOTAL wuss. :D