Monday, September 1, 2014

Training 8.25.14 - Chicago Marathon W13

Monday 8/25 - XT || 2.72 miles || 30min || Course 1 Level 3
Normally a rest day but did long run on Sunday so XT today.

Tuesday 8/26 - Run || 5 miles || 56:05, 11:13p || 72* and 95 humidity
Felt like I could touch the air. So. Hard. 5/313.8

Wednesday 8/27 - Run || 8 miles || 1:26:49, 10:51p || 70* 60% humidity
This was proof that the humidity is really what's killing me - this run felt effortless. If my tummy didn't cramp up due to emotional eating all day, this could have been the full 8 miles and it would have flown!  As it is I did 4, had a bathroom emergency, did a slow mile with my 5 year old, put the kids to bed, and then did my fastest 3 miles in weeks because I just felt so great. 13/318.8

Thursday 8/28 - Run || 5 miles || 53:00, 10:36p || 70*, and 80 humidity
I don't like humidity..last night's run was nicer!. 18/290.8.

Friday 8/29 - Rest
Friday rest day. 

Saturday 8/30 -  Run || 2.05 miles || 24:39, 12:01p || 76 and 99% humidity
This was supposed to be my long run, but 2 miles in my body could not tolerate it; the humidity hit me to the point where even breathing was a challenge. For only the second time this training cycle I cut a run short. I mean, that pace was the very best I could do for 2 miles - it was that bad out. 20/292.85

Sunday 8/31- Run || 10.2 miles || 1:53:00, 11:04p || 80* and 70% humidity
This was supposed to be 13 miles, but at 10.2 I couldn't keep my hr low enough - netter than yesterday's run, but I decided it was a cutback week anyway; in the long term killing myself over the last 3 miles wasn't going to get me any further in the marathon. This heat wave sucks, but hey - I ran 10.2 miles in 80* - and kept the same pace I used to keep when running 5Ks. I could feel defeated that I felt I needed to cut it - but instead, I choose to feel optimistic that I have come so far! 30/303.05

Total: 30.25 miles run. I didn't cross train this weekend because I ran on both weekend days, and I think the slow jog in the heat I did Saturday counts! Tomorrow starts week 14!