Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Training 9.1.14 - Chicago Marathon W14

Monday 9/1 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 9/2 - Run || 5 miles || 50:40, 10:08p || 65* and 80% humidity
This was supposed to be an easy pace but it ended up being my fastest run since my half at the beginning of August - it just felt so good to GO after how hard running has been the past two weeks. 5/308.05

Wednesday 9/3 - Run || 5 miles || 49:10, 9:50p || 79* 60% humidity
Group run with Moms Run This Town! Felt great. 10/313.05

Thursday 9/4 - Run || 5 miles || 53:00, 10:36p || 70*, and 80 humidity
I don't like humidity..last night's run was nicer!. 18/318.05

Friday 9/5 - Rest
Friday rest day. 

Saturday 9/6 -  Rest
Rest, switching long run to Sunday to run with my husband.

Sunday 9/7- Run || 19 miles || 3:59:55, 12:37p || 75* and 40% humidity
Trial long run with my husband...we are running Chicago together, so this was our first time getting a long training run in together to see how it goes. We ran the first 14 miles together - he'd already run 5, and then I ran 5 solo after (staggered due to childcare). His pace is a lot slower than I realized, I don't even feel like I ran 19 miles; it was a 13:30 pace for the first 14 miles and then I ran the last 5 @ 9 1/2..which is too fast, but I was kind of eager to just run and be done lol. 34/337.05

Total: 34 miles run. Only my 20 miler left - next week is a cut back week to 12, then 20, then back to 12...Chicago is coming! 


  1. That is nice you two could run together! Ha ha, I first read "trial" as "trail" and thought you were doing a trail pace, and that is why he was slower. Do you still think you will run the race together?

    1. I do love the trails! But no, it was a trial, hehe.

      And yes, for sure! We plan to cross the finish line holding hands - we already paid for the finish line pictures. (Which guarantees they will be horrible, but oh well!)

    2. I hope they get you guys together! Even when I have crossed holding hands with someone at a race, they've been cut off before. It's so weird.

  2. I've had the same thing Kim mentioned happen! I cross holding hands and they cut the other person out. Crazy! Cannot believe how close Chicago is coming! Thank heavens this humidity seems to be fading.

    1. I do not miss the humidity at all!!

      And man, I hope that doesn't happen!

  3. OMG you are KILLING IT! Sunday was a great day for running, I hope you were out there early. It's almost here! Are you excited? Nervous? All of the above? Now that you've done 19, 20 should be a piece of cake... it's the mental stuff that kills you once you get 20+, so just remember to keep your head on straight, and take a walk break if needed to get it back together :)

    1. Actually we had to do evening for childcare reasons, but still! It was nice!

      ALL of the above, for sure! I find it hard to believe sometimes how much I am able to run..2 years ago I struggled with a 5k, and now, I am about to run my first marathon?! Say WHAT?! It's awesome and weird!