Monday, September 22, 2014

Training 9.15.14 - Chicago Marathon W16

Monday 9/15 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 9/16 - Run || 5 miles || 51:17, 10:15p || New treadmill!!
I had planned a stroller run but the baby slept too long to get out on time, so I decided to try out the treadmill we got off a local fb yardsale swap for $100. It's a real treadmill, no more manual! Whew, this will be better when it's cold in my garage because for now, wow, hot with no breeze when it's 60* in there. Need to get a fan. But done! 5/372.05

Wednesday 9/17 - Run || 5 miles || 50:40, 10:08p || 65* and 80% humidity
This was supposed to be an easy pace but it ended up being my fastest run since my half at the beginning of August - it just felt so good to GO after how hard running has been the past two weeks. 10/377.05

Thursday 9/18 -  Run || 5 miles || 51:24, 10:16p || 60* 70% humidity
2 miles on the treadmill, then said forget it and did the last 3 outside. 15/382.05

Friday 9/19 - Rest

Saturday 9/20-  Run || 4.25 miles || 42:51, 10:04p || 65* and sunny!
Four Stars 4M trail race! 19.25/386.3

Sunday 9/21- Run || 20 miles || 4:11:11, 12:33p || 55* and breezy, mostly cloudy
20 miler on the BOOKS! First 16 with my husband, we averaged a 13 or so's funny to think that used to be the 5k pace, because it was so slow for that when he decided he had to stop at 16 I did the next 4 miles at a 9:50p because I had so much gas in the tank! TAPER! (And eat all the foods.) 39.25/406.3

Total: 39.25 miles run, no cross training this week because reasons. Actually, because trail race! I'll XT on Monday, although honestly, I feel great after my 20 - almost like I didn't run. Now to taper - 3 weeks to Chicago! WHOO!


  1. Hooray for the taper! I think it's a great sign you had so much in the tank at 16. Great 20!

    1. I thought so! I figured that's a good sign for the marathon itself! Thank you and yes, HOORAY!

  2. Great job on your first 20! Why couldn't your husband finish? I hope he is okay!

    1. Oh he's okay. He's undertrained, and has never liked running. We were supposed to stop back at the house for water at 16 miles and head out for a cool down 4 mile loop, but he was like, "Nah I'm done."

      He sort of skipped the first half of the training cycle and jumped in when the long runs hit 15. He can finish them, but they're not fun for him and he's gotta go really slowly. He says he still wants to run the marathon though, so while I feel bad these are such a struggle for him..he wants to keep pushing, and he's the one who sort of opted not to train, yanno?

    2. I hope he at least has fun at the marathon!

    3. I really hope so too! He did Chicago last year and liked it so I hope so!