Monday, September 29, 2014

Training 9.22.14 - Chicago Marathon W17

Monday 9/22 - XT || 2.83 miles || 30:00, 10:36p || Course 1, Level 3
Easy recovery workout, although honestly, I am not sure I needed it! 

Tuesday 9/23 - Run || 5.02 miles || 51:24, 10:14p || 48* and 90% humidity
I planned this as an easy recovery run so just ran what felt easy; apparently I felt good though because I was surprised by my pace at the end! 5.02/411.32

Wednesday 9/24 - Run || 4.18 miles || 42:02, 10:03p || 70* and 50% humidity
MRTT RNWL...temp said 70 but felt cooler than that. SO nice to run with company - this pace felt so easy while chatting the whole time! 9/415.5

Thursday 9/25 -  Run || 5 miles || 55:40, 11:06p || treadmill
Wasn't feeling great today, fighting a cold, so took it slow for most of the run. 14/420.5

Friday 9/26 - Rest

Saturday 9/27-  Run || 12 miles || 2:03:03, 10:15p || 65*, 50% humidity - evening run
LSD runs should be slower than this, but it was cool, it wasn't humid, and I went where my legs took me. 26/432.5

Sunday 9/28- Rest
This was a rest day, if you can call being out of the house for 12 hours to travel to and from a baseball game a rest day! There was literally no time to work in 30 minutes of cross training today, bu since it's taper time I felt like I didn't need it for recovery, so I feel fine doing it Monday. 

Total: 26.2 miles run. Haha, that .2 was unplanned, but how appropriate! Two weeks til Chicago!!


  1. Solid week! Blah! I hope you don't catch a cold. Or if you do, you're well past it by race day. Yikes! It's coming up so fast!

  2. Good job in hitting 26.2! Very appropriate! Why do rest days never seem to be restful?