Thursday, October 16, 2014

Post marathon thoughts

So I'm 4 days out from Chicago. Honestly, I feel pretty good. I did a gentle elliptical workout on Monday to help flush out some lactic acid, and a short 2 mile run on Tuesday to keep my muscles loose - yesterday I rested.

Today, I feel good. My left hip still feels a little tight, and on Tuesday I managed to wack the bottom of my left heel pretty good, but otherwise, I'm feeling much better than I expected. I've been really hungry all week, but my running group described things like feeling like you got hit by a truck or having the flu or stomach queasies - I don't even feel any more tired than usual. So, I take all that as a good sign. I plan to go for a short run, maybe 3 miles today, less if I feel too tight and more if I feel good. I really do want to do the ultra in a couple weeks, but I am playing it by ear and doing my best to really, really listen to my body. Before the marathon I had planned to repeat my taper period and run 5/4/5 with a 12 on the weekend, but it turned out that what felt good was running 2 on Tuesday and resting yesterday, so I went with it. (This is a big deal. I like checking things off a list!)

I have thought a lot about how I feel about how it went, and the time we ended up with. For the most part we came in pretty close to where I had thought we'd be, and I made my peace with a slow marathon a couple weeks ago. I wasn't thrilled, but I knew I'd be running at nowhere close to my race pace and that I was going to be there to enjoy the city with my husband rather than race it. And in the end, that's exactly what we did. I wouldn't trade this experience or go back and re-do if that were somehow magically an option; I think he needed me with him to get through this, and I had hours alone (well, alone in a crowd?) with him. It was exactly what we had hoped, minus the race photographers not actually getting a picture of me in the finisher's chute. (Oh well.)

And in so many ways, this was an incredible confidence booster for me. Being unprepared for the level of ow actually ended up making me feel better when I thought about it - because it meant that the ultra is feasible, and because I made it through despite not expecting it. You expect childbirth to hurt but you get through it - I didn't expect this to hurt so badly, but I got through it. I know I can get through the ultra, assuming recovery goes well.

So, I'm in a good place, post-marathon. How about you?


  1. Glad to hear recovery is going well and you don't feel as beat up as you expected. I feel so ready for NYCM I'd like to get that party started already.