Sunday, October 5, 2014

Training 9.29.14 - Chicago W18

Monday 9/29 - XT || 2.83 miles || 30:00, 10:36p || Course 1, Level 3
Easy recovery workout, although honestly, I am not sure I needed it! 

Tuesday 9/30 - Run || 4 miles || 42:29, 10:37p || Treadmill // Speedwork
My first time doing speedwork. I had been feeling meh about the upcoming marathon now that it's really setting in I can't race it, so decided to focus on getting faster. I did 1/2m slow warmup, then 6x400s at 9:13p. I can go faster and will probably try future ones faster but I find the treadmill more challenging - and this workout was challenging but felt good to complete. 4/436.5

Wednesday 10/1 - Run || 3.37 miles || 36:47, 10:52p || 60*
MRTT RNWL...temp said 60 but felt much cooler than that. First run with the new Bia! 7.37/439.87

Thursday 10/2 -  Run || 4 miles || 42:30, 10:30p || 70* and 85% humidity
Yowza. I guess I got used to it being cool and no humidity, because this felt hard! Yikes! 11.37/443.87

Friday 10/3 - Rest

Saturday 10/4-  Rest
Unplanned "rest" - my daughter caught the stomach flu and I was up all night Friday night and much of Saturday night taking care of her. Bumped long run to Sunday...I hope.

Sunday 10/5 - Run || 8 miles || 1:23:04, 10:22p || 45*, 40% humidity - sunny
With Chicago Lakefront 50k being the goal now I wasn't sure whether or not to follow my taper this week or bump up the long run, but I opted to follow the training plan since technically I am not signed up for CL50k yet. I was pretty tired from my daughter being sick anyway so keeping it to 8 was probably smart. Last long run before my first marathon is on the books! 19.87/451.87

Total: 19.87 miles run, 2.83m XT. T-minus 7 days to Chicago!

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